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Roger Tagholm is based in London and has been writing about the book industry for more than 20 years. He is the former Deputy Editor of Publishing News and the author of Walking Literary London (New Holland) and Poems NOT on the Underground (Windrush Press).

UK’s Waterstone’s Pins Hopes on aNobii “Social Bookselling” App

In English Language by Roger Tagholm

Beleaguered bookseller Waterstone’s is counting on aNobii, a book-oriented social networking site originally developed in Hong Kong, to help save them. By Roger Tagholm LONDON: Troubled UK chain Waterstone’s is pinning its hopes on the aNobii app which it officially launches next month. Not much has been said about this so-called “social bookselling” website, but it was clear from talking to …

8 Lessons from the UK’s World E-Reading Congress

In Resources by Roger Tagholm

Some things bear repeating, and repeating and repeating… By Roger Tagholm LONDON: Dedicated e-readers could die out within five years, killed off by the rise of smartphones at the lower end of the market, and by tablets at the top. That’s the view of Benedict Evans, digital media guru at London-based consultancy Enders Analysis and Chair of the final day of …

A Bookseller Who Bridges Print and Digital, Day and Night, This World and the Next

In Europe by Roger Tagholm

Watkin’s Books — the world’s most famous mind-body-spirit bookstore — nearly went under in 2010. A 21st-century business strategy and an American with vision saved it from extinction. By Roger Tagholm LONDON: You wouldn’t expect the owner of London’s –- if not the world’s -– most famous mind-body-spirit bookshop, Watkins, in Cecil Court, a Victorian walkway off Charing Cross Road, …

Royal Wedding App Attack

In What's the Buzz by Roger Tagholm

By Roger Tagholm and Edward Nawotka HarperCollins has developed a Kings and Queens app for British historian David Starkey’s forthcoming Crown and Country that will include live TV coverage of the Royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29. The development, in conjunction with TradeMobile, is yet another example of the possibilities afforded by the digital space and …

Sharjah Sheikh’s Lavish London Bloomsbury Bio Launch

In Arabic Publishing by Roger Tagholm

By Roger Tagholm Given that the ruler of Sharjah, His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, is fond of saying that the book is the symbol of his emirate, it was only appropriate that Bloomsbury UK chose to launch his memoirs My Early Life, with a lavish dinner at London’s very own temple of the book, the British Library …

Mysterious J.J. Abrams Novel Inspires Mysterious Sale

In What's the Buzz by Roger Tagholm

By Roger Tagholm Canongate’s Jamie Byng has bought what he describes as “the most high concept novel I have ever come across”, a debut novel from J.J. Abrams, creator of Lost and director of Star Trek. Byng concluded the deal with Cathryn Summerhayes of William Morris Endeavour (WME) in London, with the primary agent being Jay Mandell of WME US …