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Ricardo Costa

Ricardo Costa is the managing director of Metabooks Brasil. He has worked as editor of PublishNews and as Regional Director of Brazil and South America for the Frankfurter Buchmesse.

Back to the Future: In Brazil, Door-to-door Book Sales are Booming

In Growth Markets by Ricardo Costa

By Ricardo Costa and Maria Fernanda, PublishNews Imagine a single country spreading across 50% of South America. A country with 27 states where there are 190 million people living in different conditions. Some of them are very poor while others are far too rich. This is Brazil. And a nation with such enormous magnitude offers serious opportunities -– the book …

A Little Bit of Brazil in Frankfurt

In Digital by Ricardo Costa

By Ricardo Costa In 2013, Brazil will be the Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and it’s not too early to consider what the country has to offer. With 220 million people and $2.5 billion in book sales for 2009, Brazil, has a book industry that is booming, one producing more titles –- with more efficiency –- and …

Brazil's First E-bookstore Opens for Business

In Growth Markets by Ricardo Costa

By Ricardo Costa RIO DE JANIERO: On December 15, Brazil’s first e-bookstore — Gato Sabido (Smart Cat) — opened for business, offering approximately 400 titles in Portuguese. “The Gato Sabido is going to work on every step of the e-book process, from conversion to sales,” says Carlos Eduardo Ernanny, company founder and CEO. The new company plans to offer 30,000 …