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Liz Bury has been a writer and editor for 20 years, covering books, design and business risk. Her work has appeared in the Guardian, Building Design and The Bookseller, among other publications. She can be found tweeting rarely @lizziebbrown and on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/liz-bury-88356a16.

What Can Book Publishing Learn from Online Gaming?

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By Liz Bury What can book publishers learn from online games developers? More than you might think. Book publishers consider a book’s ability to evoke emotions in the reader as one of its special qualities. Games publishers think along the same lines. Book publishers value books for the way they transport the reader to another world, enabling them to inhabit another life. …

Could EC Digitzation Debate Pave the Way for a Competitor to Google?

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By Liz Bury LONDON: Deep in the Bodleian Library, the scholarly heart of Oxford University, England, is a locked room emitting, I imagine, a low hum. This is Google’s digitization suite, the control center of its scanning operation at the library, into which no Bodleian staffer may enter. That, at least, is the story doing the rounds among British librarians, …