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Hannah Johnson is the Publisher of Publishing Perspectives. Before joining PP in 2009, she worked as Project Manager at the German Book Office New York.

Dissidents and Officials Face Off at Frankfurt Book Fair’s China Symposium

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By Hannah Johnson FRANKFURT: A crowd of journalists swarmed around two slightly overwhelmed people on Saturday morning, September 12th at the Instituto Cervantes (the Spanish Cultural Institute) in Frankfurt, Germany. Chinese dissidents Bei Ling (貝嶺), a poet and journal editor, and Dai Qing (戴晴), an investigative journalist, had come to attend the much anticipated symposium, “China and the World – …

Bonus Material: Perspectives from the FBF China Symposium

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By Hannah Johnson Numerous journalists were on hand at this Saturday’s Frankfurt Book Fair symposium, “China and the World – Perceptions and Realities.” (A list of speaker and panelist bios from the symposium is available here.) Among those were Peter Theisen, Editor, ZDF TV Wiesbaden and Marc Erath, Editor, Deutsche Welle Television Berlin. We also spoke to Peter Weidhaas, former director of …

Global Trade Talk: Russia Over-Publishes, 1M Cool-er Sales, Brazil Book Fair Begins

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By Hannah Johnson Publishing Trends reports that the Russian publishers are struggling, not only because of the economy, but also from the effects of over-publishing. Coping with bookstore returns and warehousing the unsold inventory, distributors are having trouble paying publishers, which financially impacts agents and authors as well. The growth of foreign investments in Russia’s publishing sector could mean a …

What’s The Buzz: Most Pirated Books, UK Needs the Kindle, Quartet Press Shutters

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By Hannah Johnson The best of the blogosphere and social media… The Independent brings us a list of the top 10 pirated ebooks that were downloaded from BitTorrent, a popular, free file-sharing platform. Apart from Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, the books on this list are mostly about sex and self-improvement. Publishers working in these genres, take note: The Complete Illustrated …

What’s the Buzz: E-books Offer Hope for Translations; 40 E-readers Expected

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By Hannah Johnson The best of the blogosphere and social media… Over at Three Percent, Chad Post of Open Letter Books has written a four-part essay on e-books and translations. But, anyone lucky enough to be attending this week’s Reykjavík International Literary Festival can see him present it in person. Post argues that, because the majority of translations published in the …

What’s the Buzz: Flaws in Google Book Search, Dan Brown Videos, China’s Bestsellers

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By Hannah Johnson Adding to the pervasive anti-Google rhetoric, Geoffrey Nunberg wrote in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the failings of Google’s Book Search, particularly with regards to metadata. He said, “the book search’s metadata are a train wreck: a mishmash wrapped in a muddle wrapped in a mess.” (via @ColumbiaUP) As Dan Brown hysteria mounts, one UK publisher …

What’s the Buzz: Hashtags for Frankfurt; No Bertelsmann Party, No Problem

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By Hannah Johnson It’s official! Twitter hashtags for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2009 and the Frankfurt Tweetup have been decided. (What is a hashtag? What is a Tweetup?) Proposed by publisher @WoodheadTweets and @TheBookseller, and confirmed by @tminkus, you may now begin using #fbf09 and #fbftweetup to document and follow Frankfurt-related tweets. Are you a Lufthansa frequent flier? Me neither, …

What’s the Buzz: What’s on Scribd, Dan Brown Fever, Digital Textbooks Take Off?

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By Hannah Johnson I’ve become fascinated with all the things people have uploaded onto Scribd.com. Want to read and comment on a rough draft of your favorite author’s work-in-progress? Need the lecture notes from your biology class? Or maybe the instruction manual for your toaster oven? Look no further than Scribd! Some content is free, but Scrib also sells ebooks …