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Erin L. Cox is the Business Development Director for Publishing Perspectives and a Senior Associate at Rob Weisbach Creative Management, where she represents writers and handles publicity and advertising clients.

Using Fiction to Tell the Truth

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Portuguese journalist and novelist José Rodrigues dos Santos discusses how fiction can be a better way to tell a true story. By José Rodrigues dos Santos LISBON, PORTUGAL:  The American Super Stallion helicopters landed in the Kuwaiti desert amongst much dust and panache, and the US Marines took position in the sandy grounds in full combat gear, pointing their guns …

A Year Without Work and I’ve Never Felt Better

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By Erin L. Cox Yesterday, Larry Hughes, former HarperCollins USA publicist, published a post on his blog “Book Flack at Large” looking back at his year without work. While he does lament not having a “day job” that he loves, his list of personal achievements seems extraordinary and something of which to be quite proud. Next week marks my own one-year …

Hate Valentine’s Day and Want to Commiserate?

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By Erin L. Cox This Sunday is Valentine’s Day, a day marked, at least in the US, by flowers, chocolate, cards, and romantic evenings…but what happens if you don’t have a love to share the day with?  Below are some publications that take an interesting twist on the day of love: The New Yorker is requesting Dear John letters from their …

Jerry Pinkney and his family’s book dynasty

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By Erin L. Cox In USA Today, Bob Minzesheimer writes a lovely piece about Jerry Pinkney who recently won the Caldecott Medal for his book The Lion & The Mouse.  As the first individual African-American to win the Caldecott Medal, Pinkney is an inspiration to other African-American writers and illustrators…even the ones in his family. His wife, children, and their spouses …

What is the best way to learn a language?

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By Erin L. Cox In today’s story, Siobhan O’Leary writes about the role of translators in international publishing.  As publishing goes global and learning other languages are necessary for conducting business, it begs the question…what is the best way to learn a language? Write in and tell me what has worked best for you.

The New Yorker’s Lillian Ross on the life and death of J.D. Salinger

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By Erin L. Cox On Wednesday, reclusive American writer J.D. Salinger died.  Author of The Catcher in the Rye and Franny and Zooey, Salinger had spent the last 50 years in seclusion. Famed New Yorker writer Lillian Ross had a close personal friendship with Salinger over the years and wrote a powerful piece about the life and death of the …

Author Cory Doctorow on Amazon vs. Macmillan

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By Erin L. Cox According to an article in The New York Times, Amazon has pulled all Macmillan books from their site (or removed the buy buttons) in response to Macmillan’s request to raise the cost of ebooks on Amazon from $10 to $15. Macmillan author Cory Doctorow wrote a piece on BoingBoing.net sees a bleak future in this fight: “[I]f one …

Mendelsohn’s Memoir Melee

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By Erin L. Cox Much like many other New Yorker subscribers, I am one week behind in my reading.  Hence, I’ve just come across Daniel Mendelsohn’s piece, “But Enough About Me”, about the popularity of memoirs (though does not mention a memoir of the same name by a writer friend of mine, Jancee Dunn).  In the piece, he discusses in …

Books to Film/TV Have Their Night at The Golden Globes

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By Erin L. Cox Last night, the 67th Annual Golden Globes brought a few awards for films and roles based on books.  Meryl Streep won Best Actress in a Comedy for her role as Julia Child in “Julie and Julia,” based on Julie Powell’s memoir of the same name.  Mo’Nique won for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Precious: …

“Nobody is under the illusion that literature can change the world.”

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By Erin L. Cox In this week’s The New Yorker, Claudia Roth Pierpont writes an interesting piece on the contemporary Arabic novel and the movement to increase the English-translation of Arabic works through Abu Dhabi’s Arabic Prize.  In the article, Pierpont heralds some of the great Arabic writers — Nobel Prize winning Naguib Mahfouz, Alaa Al Aswany, and Elias Khoury to name …