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Emily Williams as Manager of International Digital Content at Barnes & Noble.com. Before that, she worked as digital content producer for Publishers Marketplace, contributor to Digital Book World and Publishing Perspectives, and also held a senior scout position with Maria B. Campbell & Associates.

Dark Horse Comics Hits the Ground Running (and Jamming)

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By Emily Williams In the US the comic book industry is known for its own giant fair, San Diego’s ComicCon, which this year attracted over 100,000 attendees (most of them readers and fans) who revel in the glitter of outlandish costumes and exclusive Hollywood screenings. So what happens to comic book types, steeped in movies and gaming and increasingly grappling …

Profile: Transatlantic Literary Agency

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By Emily Williams Samantha Haywood, agent and rights director for Transatlantic Literary Agency (TLA), lives out the ocean-straddling name of her agency, splitting her time between Toronto, home to the agency’s headquarters, and Amsterdam, where she now lives with her family. Being part of an eclectic team of agents with footholds in Canada, the US and Europe keeps Haywood sensitized …

The Mertin Agency Has the Hometown Advantage

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By Emily Williams If you’re involved in Portuguese- and Spanish-language publishing, there’s a good chance your Fair experience started on Monday night at a dinner and reception thrown by the Mertin Agency. For many years, agency founder Ray-Güde Mertin hosted the guests in her home, welcoming them back to Germany with a glass of Riesling and a warm laugh. Since …

Global Trade Talk: PRISA Sells 25% of Santillana; Spanish Group Suspends Google Deal

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By Emily Williams The PRISA Group, owner of Spain’s third largest publishing group Santillana, has been struggling with debt problems since the financial crisis took hold a year ago and on Monday agreed to sell a 25% stake in Santillana to pay off part of its burden.  The agreement values Santillana at $1.45 billion, with DLJ South American Partners, a …

Bonus Material: How the Spanish View the Google Book Settlement

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By Emily Williams A recent article in El Pais outlines the Spanish position on the Google Book Settlement, and offers an unusually balanced look at the progress represented by Google Book Settlement vs. the objections of Europeans caught up in a US legal fight. Two particularly good quotes: 1. “The settlement has raised blisters in Europe, with accusations bordering on intellectual …

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Hugo Chávez’s Color Coded “Revolutionary Reading Plan”

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By Emily Williams No friend to publishing (see our earlier coverage here) Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez has nevertheless started to implement his four-part color coded “Revolutionary Reading Plan.” Announced in May, the goal of the project as stated by the Venezuelan government, is “the democratization of books and reading, with a new conception of reading as a collective act under …

Bonus Material: One Bright Spot in Venezuelan Publishing

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By Emily Williams The ideologically tinged reading initiatives announced by Chávez’s administration in Venezuela have caused alarm and economic hardship among many of the country’s publishers and booksellers, but there is one program — run with government support though not under its full control — that has won praise inside and outside Venezuela. Biblioteca Ayacucho is a 35-year-old publishing foundation …

Bonus Material: El Perro y la Rana, The Venezuelan Government’s Literary Voice

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By Emily Williams El Perro y la Rana is the heavyweight champion among the national publishers and booksellers the Venezuelan government has set up with funding from the Cuban government. Established as an “editorial foundation,” it administers an ambitious and growing network of 57 bookstores as well as the National System of Regional Presses, spread across Venezuela’s 24 states. The publishing …

Bonus Material: Spain’s First Ebook Fair Set for November

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By Emily Williams MADRID: After ebooks were explicitly excluded from the Madrid Book Fair this past June, two of Spain’s technological innovators have joined forces to organize the country’s first ebook fair. Bubok, an ebook and POD publisher and retailer, and e-Cultura, a consulting company and think tank that combines culture with cutting-edge technology, have announced the creation of the …