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Emily Williams as Manager of International Digital Content at Barnes & Noble.com. Before that, she worked as digital content producer for Publishers Marketplace, contributor to Digital Book World and Publishing Perspectives, and also held a senior scout position with Maria B. Campbell & Associates.

Inside the Secret World of Literary Scouts, Part II

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By Emily Williams Part II: Scouting Changes with the Times NEW YORK: Last week in Part I we looked at the essentials of how scouting works.  Many of these essentials—recognizing a great manuscript when it crosses your desk, cultivating a wide network of close relationships across the industry, understanding your clients’ needs and serving them well—will always remain the same. …

Spain Lowers Tax on E-books, Opens Digital Library

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By Emily Williams A very important — and positive — development for the incipient Spanish e-book market took place this week.  On Tuesday the Spanish Minister of Culture, Ángeles González-Sinde, announced that the government would set the value added tax for e-books at 4%, the same as for paper books.  E-books had previously been in the same category as software, …

Inside the Secret World of Literary Scouts

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By Emily Williams Part I: How It Works NEW YORK: For five years I was an international literary scout. That means for five years I groaned inside whenever anyone asked me what I did. Scouting occupies a strange niche in book publishing, itself a rather inscrutable business from the outside, and after a time most scouts resign themselves to working—very hard—at an …

Global Trade Talk, Spain: Proposed Piracy Law Draws Proests; Tusquets’ Prize for Emerging Writers; Marcial Pons and Gadir Honored by Government

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By Emily Williams The Spanish Ministry of Culture approved a new law that would allow the ministry to order the closure without judicial review of websites suspected of piracy. The move follows three years of fruitless negotiations between content creators and internet service providers, and is designed to target not individual internet users but the peer to peer (P2P) sites that …

Spain’s E-book Business Stuck in Beta

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By Emily Williams MADRID: Last week, the inaugural Feria del Libro Digital—Spain’s first e-book fair—took a few toddling steps into the future.  Described by its organizers as “Version 0.0,” the fair’s two days of panels, exhibits and workshops elicited decidedly mixed reviews. While many were pleased that it provided a showcase for the digital companies that had been shut out …

Bonus Material: Is Spain’s Piracy Complex Legit?

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By Emily Williams It’s accepted as common knowledge in Spain that the country has possibly the worst case of digital piracy in Europe and Spaniards may even be among the worst offenders in the world.  Andreu Teixidor, former president of Destino, a division of Planeta, and a panelist on Digital Publishing at the recent Feria del Libro Digital (discussed in …

Bonus Material: Deals Taking Longer, says Dutch Rights Manager

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By Emily Williams The Netherlands has always occupied a curious place in the European book business. Although a small country, it has an unusually high percentage of book consumers and an extremely active publishing industry that often outstrips much larger markets in speed and competitiveness for the biggest international books. The country also produces its own domestic literary stars, which …

Grijalbo’s Liarás Seeks a ‘Coup de Coeur’

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By Emily Williams BARCELONA: Random House Mondadori’s Grijalbo imprint has been on a roll. Under the leadership of Barcelona-based editor-in-chief Ana Liarás, it has been producing homemade bestsellers such as Ildefonso Falcones’s historical epic The Cathedral of the Sea, which sold over 1 million copies in Spain and went on to become a bestseller in Italy and Germany. This year …

Bonus Material: Dates Set for Spain’s First E-book Fair

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By Emily Williams After e-books were explicitly excluded from the Madrid Book Fair this past June, two of Spain’s technological innovators responded by joining forces to organize the country’s first e-book fair. Bubok, an e-book and POD publisher and retailer, and e-Cultura, a consulting company and think tank that combines culture with cutting-edge technology, have announced the creation of the …