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Dennis Abrams

Dennis Abrams is a contributing editor for Publishing Perspectives, responsible for news, children's publishing and media. He's also a restaurant critic, literary blogger, and the author of "The Play's The Thing," a complete YA guide to the plays of William Shakespeare published by Pentian, as well as more than 30 YA biographies and histories for Chelsea House publishers.

My Evening With M. Proust

In Guest Contributors by Dennis Abrams

By Dennis Abrams BERKELEY: As the host and moderator of Publishing Perspectives’ year long Proust-reading experience, The Cork-Lined Room, I’ve often found myself wondering: Who exactly is it that is out there reading and apparently enjoying the 3000+ pages of Marcel Proust’s masterpiece, In Search of Lost Time? For whom am I spending evenings reading and posting? Is it Francophiles? …

Day One in The Cork-lined Room

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By Dennis Abrams Today we begin our one-year journey through the entirety of Marcel Proust’s 20th-century masterpiece In Search of Lost Time, which will be taking place on our companion website, The Cork-lined Room. We anticipate that at a pace of 10 to 15 pages per day, excepting weekends, we should be finished in a year. The first posting about …

Bolano 101: A Review of The Skating Rink by Roberto Bolano

In Book Review by Dennis Abrams

By Dennis Abrams Since the first appearance in translation of By Night in Chile in 2003, English language readers have been treated to a near constant stream of short stories, novels, and even poetry from the late Chilean-born writer Roberto Bolano.  He is that rarest of creatures: an author who has received widespread critical acclaim, as well as earning him …

Can Proust Really Change Your Life?

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By Dennis Abrams You know you’ve been meaning to. You’re pretty sure that you’ve got a dusty copy of Swann’s Way sitting around somewhere. You’ve probably even read the book’s famous opening line, “For a long time I would go to bed early,” and thought to yourself, well, not now, maybe some other time. That time has finally come. Next …