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Chip Rossetti

Chip Rossetti is the managing editor of the Library of Arabic Literature translation series at NYU Press. He is a translator of contemporary Arabic fiction.

Publishing in Turkey: Expanding Horizons Between East and West

In Growth Markets by Chip Rossetti

With increased publishing professionalization and unique ability to bridge multiple cultures, Turkey is gaining credibility as a regional force. By Chip Rossetti In the field of publishing, Turkey’s international profile has risen dramatically in the last six years, particularly following Orhan Pamuk’s winning of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2006, and Turkey’s selection as the Guest of Honor at …

Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu…Who Knew?: Words Without Borders’ Surprise Hit

In Growth Markets by Chip Rossetti

By Chip Rossetti Last fall marked the release of Tablet & Pen: Literary Landscapes from the Modern Middle East, an anthology of modern Middle Eastern literature in translation that has had a surprising success in the American market. Tablet & Pen represents a fruitful collaboration between the literature-in-translation online magazine Words Without Borders and anthology editor Reza Aslan, author of …

Iraqi Books Hit the International Market for First Time Since the War

In English Language by Chip Rossetti

• Iraq’s publishing and bookselling industry has been damaged by decades of war, sanctions and violence. • However, Baghdad’s al-Muthanna Library — a traditional Iraqi publishing and bookselling powerhouse — has just released its first catalog of fiction and non-fiction titles for the international market since the war. By Chip Rossetti BAGHDAD: Founded in 1936, the al-Muthanna Library in Baghdad …

Second Careers, or Why You Never Really Leave Publishing

In Guest Contributors by Chip Rossetti

By Chip Rossetti In the fall of 2004, I was an editor at a New York publishing house, acquiring serious narrative nonfiction and history. I had been working in trade publishing for nine years. I had also, in the wake of 9/11, been studying Arabic in the evenings, going to a teacher’s house in the outer boroughs once a week …

Web-based Entrepreneurs in the Arab World

In Arabic Publishing by Chip Rossetti

By Chip Rossetti Today’s Gulf News — the English-language daily based in Dubai — has an interesting piece on entrepreneurs in Lebanon who are using social media to build their businesses on the web. The first profiled is a comics-blogger-turned-author, Maya Zankoul, who ended up self-publishing her book, Amalgam, because no local publisher would take it on: even with a …

Will Video Games Become More Like Interactive Graphic Novels?

In Discussion by Chip Rossetti

By Chip Rossetti Today’s lead story discusses the first interactive, immersive graphic novel for the iPad, which combines elements of both video games (because the reader controls the pace of the story and can “peel back” the page to reveal historical documents and images as he or she goes) and graphic novels (because it walks the reader through an illustrated …

Can Literature Festivals Change a Nation’s Reading Habits?

In Discussion by Chip Rossetti

By Chip Rossetti In today’s lead story, Istanbul-based literary agent Nermin Mollaoğlu talks about her own background in Turkish publishing that led her to open her own literary agency, as well as her high hopes for the annual Tanpinar Literature Festival — the first of its kind in Turkey. One of the stated goals of the festival is to encourage …