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Amanda DeMarco

Amanda DeMarco is a freelance writer and translator living in Berlin. Originally from Chicago, her work for Publishing Perspectives focuses on German-language publishing news.

The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg: A Brief Lesson in German Publishing Psychology

In Europe by Amanda DeMarco

At the Publishers’ Forum in Berlin earlier this month, it became clear that German publishers have no desire or need to rush into digital publishing. By Amanda DeMarco “It’s inevitable.” At the Publishers’ Forum hosted by digital services provider Klopotek in Berlin earlier this month, several versions of the phrase “Shape your own future!” cropped up in presentations. At first I thought …

Droemer Knaur’s Neobooks Brings Self-to-Traditional Publishing to Germany

In Europe by Amanda DeMarco

Neobooks, an online writing community launched by German publisher Droemer Knaur, is seeking out the intersection between self publishing and traditional publishing. By Amanda DeMarco BERLIN: Despite what the majority of the German publishing community might think, online author and reader self-publishing communities are not a new phenomenon in the country. Platforms like Epidu or Bookrix have allowed authors to post their …

Germany’s Audiobook Renaissance

In Europe by Amanda DeMarco

Digitization and professionalization have significantly raised the profile — and sales — of audiobooks in Germany. By Amanda DeMarco If you want to send a German into a nostalgic childhood revery, just bring up The Three Investigators audio dramas (Die Drei???, Die Drei Fragezeichen). Audiobooks and dramas have long been popular for children in Germany, but in the last five to …

Casablanca Book Fair Roulette

In Growth Markets by Amanda DeMarco

A dramedy of errors starring North African literati, Italian bureaucrats, and an innocent American journalist lost among the phone trees of Morocco. By Amanda DeMarco MOROCCO: The road to SIEL is paved with good intentions. This I learned while trying to write an article for Publishing Perspectives on the SIEL (Salon international de l’édition et du livre) Book Fair in …

Swiss to Reinstate Fixed Book Prices

In Europe by Amanda DeMarco

The debate over fixed book pricing remains a complicated and volatile one in Europe. By Amanda DeMarco On March 18 the Swiss parliament approved a fixed price system for books in German-speaking Switzerland, both for online and in-store sales as of next year. The debate over fixed book pricing is a complicated and volatile one in Europe. Various degrees of …

Why Multichannel Bookselling is the Future

In Europe by Amanda DeMarco

Bricks-and-mortar stores give booksellers a “human face,” but in the future most books will be sold online. Making the two sales channels complimentary is key. By Amanda DeMarco BERLIN: Anyone who’s been following German book industry publications over the past nine months or so has witnessed the rising popularity of the term “multichannel book selling.” It’s not a new concept, …