Switzerland’s Frontiers Names Sustainability Manager for the SDG Compact

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The Lausanne-based Frontiers bolsters its commitment to the SDG Publishers Compact by appointing its sustainability manager to implement the compact’s 10 action points.

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By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson

‘Successfully Fulfilling our Sustainability Commitments’
Many of Publishing Perspectives’ readers are familiar with the SDG Publishers Compact from the International Publishers Association (IPA) and the United Nations.

Launched at Frankfurter Buchmesse in October 2020, the program had its first 100 signatories by July 2021 and today is said by organizers to have more than 350 publishers’ commitments to the program’s 10-point framework for climate-friendlier operation.

Today, we have news from the Lausanne-based scientific publisher Frontiers that the company’s administration has made its sustainability manager Francesca Tettamanzi its lead on the company’s plan to align its climate-crisis responses to the compact’s requirements and intention.

With a background in sustainability and extensive experience in corporate social responsibility, Tettamanzi is considered by the company to be uniquely positioned to lead Frontiers’ sustainability efforts. And this introduces one of the most frequently discussed issues for publishing in settings such as this month’s London Book Fair—the “have and have-not” reality that many large companies like the Swiss research publisher Frontiers has the resources to create a sustainability manager’s position on staff and evolve that role to include the compact’s rollout.

The work includes for Frontiers and Tettamanzi work with the Swiss Academy for Development and the Mo Dewji Foundation, overseeing operations for sustainable development projects in Egypt and Palestine and launching education, sustainability, and community development programs in Tanzania, respectively.

Francesca Tettamanzi

After joining Frontiers in 2018 and holding several positions in the company, Tettamanzi was appointed sustainability manager in 2023, and she now leads the company’s sustainability and corporate social responsibility strategy, two portfolios frequently combined in corporate settings.

During her time with Frontiers, she has continued her education, completing a greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting course through the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute. She also plays an active role in Frontiers’ employee-led “sustainability network” aimed at promoting community involvement in climate action initiatives through educational events and operational sustainable practices, serving as a liaison between stakeholder groups.

Fred Fenter

In recognition of Tettamanzi’s new guidance of the company’s response to the climate crisis, Frederick Fenter, chief executive editor, is quoted, saying, “As a signatory to this important initiative, Frontiers actively champions sustainability and the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals, both through the science we publish and in our everyday work.

“Leveraging her expertise and unwavering dedication, Francesca will guide us to successfully fulfilling our sustainability commitments.”

For more information on the SDG Publishers Compact, to join, and to utilize the SDG Publishers Compact dashboard, see this page on the IPA site. For more from the United Nations on the compact and issues, see its page for the compact here.

At Frontiers, a look at various writings and activities that have to do with the SDG Publishers Compact is here.

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