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Publishers formerly with Hachette and Simon & Schuster open politically conservative All Seasons Press ‘to take head-on the cancel culture’ decried by Trump’s advocates.

Two former Trump White House figures, Peter Navarro and Mark Meadows, are authors of  books announced by the newly formed All Seasons Press. Image – Getty iStockphoto: Kiyoshi Tanno

By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson

‘We Aren’t Fair-Weather Friends’
Announcing that its purpose is “to take head-on the cancel culture that is destroying the publishing industry and the country,” the All Seasons Press was opened Tuesday (June 15) by Kate Hartson and Louise Burke.

In using that phrase “cancel culture,” the newly minted company has invoked what Margaret Sullivan at the Washington Post today (June 16) writes, in a different context, is “the scare word getting applied to almost anything these days, meant to evoke a beatdown from some unforgiving woke mob.”

Louise Burke, left, and Kate Hartson. Image: All Seasons Press

The news about All Seasons Press–and the language it has used to introduce itself–highlights an ongoing debate in the publishing industry in both the United States and in other markets: In times of extraordinary political dynamics, how are publishers’ roles impacted?

Widely publicized efforts have been made by staff members at Big Five publishing houses, for example, to pressure their executives on various book acquisitions. If anything, some of those efforts—like objections to books by members of the ousted White House administration—give fuel, of course, to cries from some quarters that figures from the Trumpist right are being “canceled.”

In fact, the language of the announcement of the new publishing venture’s creation carries more such lingo used by many who court Donald Trump’s base of voters. A sample: “All Seasons Press intends to publish the best writers, politicians, and pundits in the conservative movement. The company is open to welcoming those authors who are being attacked, bullied, banned from social media, and, in some cases, outright rejected by politically correct publishers.”

Those following these arguments will know that the phrase “outright rejection” is surely a reference, in part, to Simon & Schuster’s cancellation on January 7 of its contract with Sen. Josh Hawley, Republican of Missouri, after Hawley had helped lead objections on January 6 to certification of Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump.

Conservative and/or right-wing presses and imprints (the designation is often in the eye of the beholder) are in no way new, of course. Hawley’s book, for example, has been picked up by one such publisher, Regnery Publishing.

What’s striking here is the arrival of a house that announces itself immediately using the “cancel culture” phrasing of the Trumpian Republican Party.

As Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg at the Wall Street Journal writes, “Louise Burke, the former president and publisher of Simon & Schuster’s Gallery Books Group, and Kate Hartson, whom Hachette Book Group dismissed as editorial director of its Center Street imprint earlier this year, said conservative authors are finding it harder to get published in the post-Trump era.”

And media messaging from the new All Seasons Press establishes the type of content Burke and Hartson expect to produce. They announce three titles:

  • Rush on the Radio by James Golden (who is known as Bo Snerdly), producer of the late right-wing talk-show radio commentator Rush Limbaugh
  • The Chief’s Chief by Mark Meadows, who was the last chief of staff in the Trump White House
  • In Trump Time: My Journal of America’s Plague Year by Peter Navarro, former Trump aide and director of Washington’s Office of Trade and Manufacturing

The new press reportedly expects to add a fourth title this fall and 10 releases in 2022.

Publishing, Freedom of Expression, and Challenging Times

Alexandra Alter and Elizabeth A. Harris at The New York Times note that book deals have been struck by Trump White House players Jared Kushner, Kellyanne Conway, and former vice-president Mike Pence.

“But others from the Trump administration,” Alter and Harris write, “have had a tougher time with mainstream publishers. Those companies have struggled to find a balance between promoting a range of voices—including conservative authors who can sell a lot of copies—and heeding their employees, readers, and authors who consider it morally unacceptable to publish them.”

The debate, at its essential level, is one generally sorted out by the publishing industry’s traditional allegiance to freedom of expression and a resulting conviction that even voices some will find unsavory are to be heard in the interest of true civic dialogue. The timbre of the times, however, has come into focus in objections to publication contracts for people seen as crossing many lines–from public service to vulgar self-interest, from truth to weaponized lies, and from democratic principles to autocratic aggression.

For some context on this week’s announcement, we can recommend the February 7 profile of Kate Hartson by Ben Smith at The New York Times.

Smith, formerly the founding editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed News, recounts how during the Trump administration, “The Big Five publishing companies in New York, and even their dedicated conservative imprints, [became] squeamish about the genre known as MAGA books, with its divisive politics and relaxed approach to facts.”

He describes Hartson, who was fired by Hachette in January: “Ms. Hartson, a fit 67-year-old who once ran a small press specializing in dogs, had all the trappings of a liberal book editor, including an apartment on the Upper East Side and a place in Hampton Bays. But she also seemed to be that rarest of figures in New York media: a true believer in Donald J. Trump, people who worked with her said.”

Trachtenberg, in his piece at the Wall Street Journal, quotes NPD BookScan figures that show political books in 2020 jumping 62 percent over the previous year’s figures, something we’ve returned to frequently in our coverage of political books.

The going assumption, however, is that political books may be much less successful now with Trump, “the bookseller in chief,” out of office. Adult nonfiction overall, NPD’s most recent report for the year’s Week 22 has trended downward from a high at the opening of the year at more than 8 million units in the States to between 5 and 6 million units in early June.

The co-founders of the new All Seasons Press, however, see big potential in their content-to-come, and they seem intent on making as clear a distinction between their interests and the majors’ as possible.

In a statement from Louise Burke, we read, “With their focus on their own political agenda and on satisfying progressives inside their office buildings, major publishing houses have created a void for conservative and independent authors who deserve to be treated fairly and with respect.

“The First Amendment protects their right to free speech. We established All Seasons Press to be a publishing house that stands by our authors, rain or shine. We aren’t fair-weather friends.”

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  1. As an editor of books in the social sciences at two university presses (Princeton and Penn State) over four decades, I worked successfully with authors of all political persuasions including conservatives like Thomas Sowell, Hadley Arkes, and Chris Sciabarra I had the aim of presenting the best work as judged by the peer-review process that is the hallmark of scholarly publishing. One wonders what criteria will be applied in deciding what books get published at All Seasons. The main criterion would appear to be a political litmus test rather than quality of argument and weight of evidence. Donald Trump has contributed much to the degradation of such standards, relying instead on rhetorical flourishes like “fake news” and elevating fealty to his truth as the ultimate test. No publishing house founded on such dubious grounds can ever hope to gain the respect of any audience that is not already enthralled by the alternate reality in which Trump encourages his acolytes to reside.

    1. Your resume sounds respectable, however you reveal your own political bias by your criticism of Trump and his supporters. It sounds like you are no longer fit to be part of the peer review process you so highly esteem.

    2. Americans want free speech, study differing political positions and come to their own conclusions.

      Shutting down the flow of books and brainwashing our youth places our country only one step below any communist country.

      1. Looking for how to get active supporting this publisher. Is there any contact information on this site? Thanks

    3. Yep, the same arguments I hear from the cuban Lubyanka “officers”when I was incarcerated in that country.

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        Jorge Torrente’s The Uprising is an engrossing and humane historical novel about the fight for Cuba’s freedom.

    4. Why should there by criteria for free speech? Doesn’t that negate the whole purpose? Why can’t one simply choose what to read and what not to read?

    5. Your sour grapes is all about blaming this new publishing house of what your Marxist ilk are guilty of. Fact: there was no censorship of leftist authors, but the left are censoring conservatives, Christians etc.. because the left and the monsters that emerge from it, the bolsheviks, the nazis, the fascists, maoists etc.. just as the monsters that emerge from the democrat party, the klan, and it’s newest incarnations the antifaklan and blmklan, finds truth inconvenient and seeks to censor, persecute and kill those that speak truth.

    6. Fight communism! You are lying about President Trump. You do not know him. Spreading communist propaganda you are.

    7. Typical close-minded, narrow-minded left-wing academic. Your shallow, political preaching comes through loud and clear. An example of everything wrong with academia today. No doubt you wouldn’t publish Shakespeare because he was a white male–not diverse enough for you.

    8. So, you worry about the criteria being applied in deciding which books get published? It doesn’t sound like you apply the same scrutiny to other publishers who allow their (and yours) political bias to make those determinations.

      You sound like you are worried that nonfactual material, posing as factual material, will be published and distributed but you’re too narcissistic to wonder if you even know the difference. “Fake news” isn’t merely rhetorical and the fact that you see it that way proves you lack the credibility to chime in on whether All Seasons should be allowed to exist. Perhaps your problem is that your four decades in social sciences has destroyed your ability to think objectively. Sure sounds that way after reading your ridiculous opinion piece.

  2. You are amazing! I am an administrator can I help even volunteer?

    1. How can I sign up to start ordering books from your company. I have been going to Barnes and Nobles but they are not CONSERVATIVE FRIENDLY

  3. Ladies I am watching you right now on Tucker Carlson and I would like for y’all to start spreading the word like I’ve been doing for everyone to go look up the Communist manifesto of 1963 and how to destroy America within a lot of it’s happened already in the ’70s and a lot is going on right now it is only 25 pages long but it will scare the hell out of you
    thank you
    James D Carlsen

  4. I have a book of poetry that is ready to publish. I would like to submit it to your company for consideration

  5. I would like to know how to go online to this site.

  6. Good for you. I don’t normally buy books as i am retired BUT I will buy some from your company! Best of luck!

  7. Looking forward to your new books!

    Please put me on your mailing list.

    Best of luck!

    1. I agree with Ms Harley, put me on your mailing list, too.
      You ladies are as comtenacious as the American revolutionist and our founding fathers.
      God bless you and prayers for publishing success.

    1. What a blessing to read about newly opened All Seasons Press!
      I have been so overhelmed in recent times to learn of this “cancel
      culture” movement (?) ! Difficult hearing so much negativity in
      regard to much of what I have grown up with. At 96 it IS truly
      So, best wishes ladies in your recent undertaking! Mahalo for
      caring! Please remit actual street mailing address if
      Irene Cornell

  8. Thank you. I am newly retired and of your leaning. How can I reach Ms. Hartson and Burke to provide aid and content? An artistic aerospace component engineer could be useful.

  9. I have been searching for a way to speak out against censorship for over a year now. I write a conservative political blog,, but struggle to find viewership. I am recently retired from a career in education administration and am eager to join the fight. I am willing to volunteer my time and skills to contribute to your success. Please reach out to me if you feel I can be of service.
    Maureen McNamara

  10. Thank god there’s a place where free speech is respected. I read 200 books per year. I’m curious for all points of view.

  11. I was hoping to see some businesses working against the woke culture and political correctness! Thank you! You should look into ways you can collaborate with other people who believe in free speech (Mike Lindell for example). This could be the start of some real competition for the fascist companies who are working with the government to shut down free speech.

  12. What is the address and email of All Seasons Press. My brother has written four books and he would like to contact them regarding publishing. The books are already bound and he has received good reviews. Please send the information to

  13. God Bless you ladies in your business. We need to hear the good books you will publish.

  14. Hello, I was a Trump bodyguard. I wrote a book about my Krazay life. My book is very entertaining outside of being a Trump bodyguard. I loved Trump and took care of his problems, nothing that serious though. Mr. Trump treated “EVERYONE” the same and was very respectful.
    I got into a fight with a blackbelt in first hour gym class in 8th grade, this got me into boxing for my revenge. Next thing I know, I won a PAL national title in my second boxing tourney. My life took off, I made the U.S. boxing team by my Junior year. I lost to a future Heavyweight World champion in the quarterfinals of the Eastern nationals Olympic Trials.
    I then got a Trump bodyguard call. At this time in my life, it was totally out of control. I was a heavy drinker, street fighting thug and in Flint Michigan clearing out bars with my crew.
    Youtube “Mike Suski professional knockout highlights” that’s me! Nobody wants to publish my book with anything Trump in this literally World. I would love to send you my book to see if you’d publish it? Thanks!

    1. My first book, published in 2016, ONLY BY THE HAND OF GOD, is a spiritual account of my two combat tours in Viet Nam aboard Navy riverboats. A wicked war story, but even better Hand of God story. Still very much alive on Amazon and other places. I’m now working on the followup book which is an even more compelling spiritual story of my years as a general aviation pilot and the many near-death events that I believe God saved me from.
      Not happy with my publisher and would like to talk to these ladies about taking on this new project with me. HOW CAN I GET IN TOUCH WITH THEM?

      Can anyone help?

      Duke Petmecky, San Marcos, Texas

  15. Thank you for opening your publishing company ! Our country needs more strong and courageous individuals like all of you !
    Thank you and best of luck !

  16. The LORD bless, your endeavor, I will look forward to purchasing books from your company.

  17. Is there a way to invest in your company? I believe in what you are doing and know that you will be facing stiff head winds. As Steve Bannon says “ACTION,ACTION,ACTION” Praying for your success. Thank You for stepping into the breech!

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  19. I would very much like to submit my book to your publishing company and would be happy to provide the proper cover letter, synopsis and sample pages! It is an intelligent, humorous 217 page epic cartoon/graphic novel suitable for all ages created to bring joy to all who experience it. It is a happy book!

    I look forward to hearing from you, thank – you!


  20. i wrote a book that was banned. it exposes san francisco politicians. google abc brasscheck and jonestown with heavenly deceptor to see that ABC pulled the plug on it. I would like to send you a copy. The media did not want to shiw political involvement in Jonestown. I am Nat Landau, the author. thanks.

  21. i have written a book (a better place…. refounding america)…. i made countless queries with publishing agents to no avail…. they are all communists…. joe mccarthy was right…. finally i self published a few copies of my book…. when i can figure out how to send a copy to all season press for your perusal i will…. it’s my first book and it’s not very good but it has some good information and ideas….

  22. I guess after reading this “article” that I wasn’t the only one who saw through its dripping bias.

    It’s because of the way that traditional publishers treat conservative writers and commentators—with such contempt and disdain—that a company like like All Season Press is even necessary.

    Traditional publishing houses would rather pay out big advances to publish agenda-driven books by the likes of Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden, and soon see those books in the remainder bins.

    How long will it take for Hunter Biden’s book to make it to the bargin bin?

  23. How do I subscribe to your website ? Thank you for standing strong against the woke culture that will destroy the freedoms that make America unique.

  24. Trust two feisty women fighting the woke leftwing suppressers of free speech juggernaut to start their own publishing company. All power to you and I hope you make loads of money.

  25. from Darren Lincoln

    I am an author and I am ready to publish my latest work so I am trying to get in touch with All Seasons Press to submit my manuscript as well as sending them a zip drive of photos .. over 92,000 words BIG TECH BIAS

  26. I am also trying to get in touch with All Seasons Press. I have a manuscript ready for submission but they seem to have no website. I would like to talk with them since I have written and published two books and several articles. In recent years publishers have not even acknowledged my submissions. My new manuscript needs a publisher to actually request and read all 170 pages. Floyd Sours

  27. Is there a phone number or e-mail address for this new publishing company as i am finishing a book about Our 45th President Donald J Trump and want to contact them get it published.

  28. Thank God! Finally someone to stand up for freedom of speech.

    I am writing a book called “It’s About Time”

    It’s everything I find wrong with the world and how to fix it. We hear talking heads pontificate about the problems but no one gives solutions. This book offers solutions to all the worlds problems devoid of greed, power and strictly for the betterment of mankind. It is almost finished. I truly believe this book will win not only a Nobel Peace Prize but a Pulitzer as well. I would like to send you the forward and chapter one for your consideration. Thank you

  29. How about a book on basic money management? A book from a conservative/libertarian point of view that will help one save, invest and manage credit at a time when taxes each up so much of our income, leaving so many people unable to retire or send their kids to a private school. I have that book and could send it to you. Siga bien, GB

  30. Congratulations on your new endeavor!
    Will you publish a young people’s book?
    It’s not political at all, but spiritual and adventurous.
    Ages 9-13+, maybe “hPotterish” to some degree!
    Ancient author.
    (Saw u on T. Carlson)

  31. I would like to submit a piece I wrote? How do I go about doing that? Thank you for your help.

  32. I have published elevan books. I would like to submit a new book to you–“God is me. Whoopee.” A bit whimsical, a bit serious, a bit agnostic and a bit spirutual. Please tell me how to E mail the book and my list of publications.

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  35. Just read “In Trump Time.” With the conservative mantra “America first”, why is the book published in Canada?

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