WEBINAR: Automate Image-Checking in the Publishing Workflow

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Sponsored post from Apex CoVantage: Upcoming webinar will showcase tools that streamline the process of uploading, formatting, and publishing images.

By Erin L. Cox | @erinlcox

Whether in academic or trade publishing, publishers and authors often struggle with the uploading, formatting, and publication of images. Unlike text, which has a simple workflow, images provided by authors can come in a variety of file types which sometimes lose their desired quality when adapted to the publisher’s format specifications. This issue is a time-consuming, often costly source of frustration for both the author and the publisher, while also greatly disrupting the publishing process.

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On Tuesday, May 23rd at 1pm ET, Apex CoVantage will be hosting a webinar to highlight a solution for how publishers can streamline the image process and reduce the number of discrepancies by up to 80%. Hosted by Greg Suprock, the head of solutions architecture at Apex CoVantage, the webinar will focus on the topics:

  • Workflow best practices for images
  • How to automate preparation of images for faster approval using Apex’s PACE (Picture Analysis and Conversion Engine) software
  • How to integrate an image checking tool into your existing systems
  • Results from publishers who have successfully automated image-checking

Suprock has honed this solution through his work with such publishers and libraries as the Public Library of Science (PLOS), JSTOR, and the British Library.

PLOS is currently using PACE as part of their manuscript submission process. “As the use of PACE has increased, the number of image discrepancies has dropped, and the number of image queries from authors during the editorial process has dropped,” said Editorial Director Helen Atkins, PLOS.

Apex CoVantage’s PACE software allows authors to easily upload image files into the web-based system and PACE automatically converts the file size, resolution, and type to meet the publisher’s requirements. Currently, there are over 30,000 author users.

What also speeds up the process is that PACE allows authors to upload multiple images in many formats all at once instead of one-by-one. Once uploaded, the author will be provided a proof of the published image. When manual correction is required, PACE will provide the author with step-by-step instructions so as to avoid any difficulty.

PACE greatly streamlines the publishing process for illustrated books and journal articles of all types and helps publishers eliminate the need for image-correction by a publisher’s graphic production team and dramatically reduces the time to publication, allowing for publishers to respond to market demands more quickly.

For more information on this solution and how it can work for your titles, please join the webinar on Tuesday, May 23rd at 1pm ET.

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