BISG’s ‘Making Information Pay’: Amplifying a Brand’s Reputation

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A preview of BISG’s upcoming “Making Information Pay: Publishers Making a Profit By Making a Difference” conference on May 26 focusing on the benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility in publishing.

By Erin L. Cox | @erinlcox

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By the very nature of what publishers do, social responsibility has long been a tenet of the industry, through promoting literacy, universal education, and the discussion of diverse ideas.

In the last decade, as publishers have seen a dramatic change in the marketplace and expansion toward a global, digital audience, the idea of corporate social responsibility has become a more focused issue.

With the rise of digital publishing and increased understanding of our global audience, publishers are faced with a number of questions:

  • How do publishers connect to and support a new digital-native audience?
  • How can publishing better reflect and speak to the interests and needs of our growingly diverse audience of readers?
  • What kinds of programs, awards, and charitable giving can publishers participate in to support their communities and how might that benefit them in the long run?

On May 26 in New York City, the Book Industry Study Group will answer these questions at their “Making Information Pay: Making a Profit by Making a Difference” conference, in which they’ll look more deeply into the importance and benefits of corporate social responsibility.

Through case studies, data, and expert-led group discussions, “MIP: Making a Profit by Making a Diffference” will show how corporate social responsibility can help establish and amplify a brand’s reputation in the eyes of readers and customers to improve the bottom line, while internally improve operational efficiency, reduce a company’s exposure to risk, increase innovation throughout the publishing value chain, and even encourage staff loyalty and engagement.

The main topics to be addressed will be community outreach, content accessibility, customer data security, and diversity. Each session will show how attendees can implement CSR strategies with respect to these issues, and offer publishing-specific CSR practices for reducing costs and risks, gaining competitive advantage, and building their brand.

Speakers include:

  • John Mutter, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Shelf Awareness
  • Ashley Gordon, founder of Mockingbird Publishing, which works with authors to bring their cause-oriented works to market in a way that benefits the cause, the author and the publisher
  • Tzviya Siegman, Digital Book Standards and Capabilities lead, John Wiley & Sons
  • Lee Rainie, Director of Internet, Science and Technology Research, Pew Research Center
  • Calvin Reid (Publishers Weekly), Jason Low (Lee & Low) and Kempton Mooney (Nielsen), all addressing how diversity is a positive investment for the publishing business.

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