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From rights on offer at the London Book Fair to digital developments in Thailand, our Spring 2016 magazine highlights rights opportunities across the globe.
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By Hannah Johnson

As the book publishing industry gathers at the London Book Fair in 2016, Publishing Perspectives spoke with agents and rights professionals to bring you the latest rights opportunities and discussions in our Spring 2016 magazine.

Why a focus on rights? In his Letter from the Editor, Porter Anderson writes, “With titles proliferating, pathways to publication multiplying, and ebooks promising that ‘you’ll never be out of print again,’ the rights trade becomes all the more critical among routes to revenue.”

It appears that agents and publishers are actively exploring these pathways and finding more global opportunities for their books and authors.

In fact, one Canadian agent told Publishing Perspectives that he believes more translations are being published from European countries and that competition in the translation rights business is increasing.

And in Mexico, the job of foreign rights director has emerged at the biggest publishing houses, with other publishers across Latin America likely to follow suit.

Scandinavian literary agents say that the popularity of crime novels from their countries has boosted their international publishing networks and opened the door for more Scandinavian authors to be translated.

As a result of AmazonCrossing’s $10 million commitment to publishing translated works, they’ve become the largest translation publisher in the United States and brought works written in “under-represented” languages to English-speaking readers.

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Hannah Johnson is the publisher of international book industry magazine Publishing Perspectives, which provides daily information and news about book markets around the world. In addition to building partnerships with international cultural and trade organizations, she works with the Frankfurt Book Fair to organize and support a number of its overseas initiatives. Hannah has also worked as the managing editor for an online media company, The Hooch Life, focused on craft distillers and cocktail experts. Prior to that, she worked as a project manager for the Frankfurt Book Fair’s New York office, managing various business and marketing activities.