Tiina Kristoffersson Wins Table in Frankfurt’s Literary Agents and Scouts Center

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Congratulations to Tiina Kristoffersson from Stilton Finland who has won a free table in the LitAg for 2016 by participating in Frankfurt Book Fair’s first ever competition.

By Amy Webster, Frankfurt Book Fair

litag 2015 competition frankfurt book fairThe Frankfurt Book Fair ran the competition in the Literary Agents and Scouts Center during the Fair this year for a chance to win a free table in the 2016 LitAg.

A choice of six literary characters and corresponding postboxes were provided on the red column near the entrance for passing agents’ and scouts’ amusement. The question: “Which literary character do you most identify with during the week of Frankfurt Book Fair?” The choices were: Patrick Bateman, Gregor Samsa, Lisbeth Salander, Hermione Granger, Tristram Shandy and Casanova. Voters could pop their business card in the postbox of their choice, and handily sign up to the Publishing Perspectives Rights Newsletter at the same time. The winning name was picked out of a hat on the Sunday of the fair. Individual answers remain, of course, confidential, but Tiina Kristoffersson, the winner, was happy to tell us about her choice, Lisbeth Salander:

“My friends in the publishing business complain that she’s violent and not even believable as a character. They are wrong! Sure, she’s violent and yeah, she’s a fiction figure but then what! What I love most about her is her silent and no-nonsense personality. She’s almost like a Finn. She is not the first one to attack, and she tries to stay away from trouble. But make no mistake, you do not mess with Lisbeth or with her loved ones. My authors know that Lisbeth is my hero. One of them calls me for ‘Lissu’. That’s a short and friendly version of Lisbeth.”

The Frankfurt Book Fair would like to thank everyone who participated in the poll. Happily, only a few people chose the serial killer, serial seducer, or serial procrastinator options. Hermione Granger took a winning 25% of the vote, although a couple of Jesus entries were thrown in for good measure.

We can’t say whether the popularity of Hermione is due to agents identifying with her self-assured geekiness, her dedication to books, or simply the frizzy hair after a few days in the LitAg.

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