Al Manhal Updated for Full-Text Search for Arabic Scholarly Pubs

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Al Manhal Full Text Search

Al Manhal Full Text Search

Al Manhal the Arabic-language ebook education company, has attracted more than a million users and updated its database to allow full-text search.

By Edward Nawotka

Al Manhal, an Arabic-language ebook education publishing company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, was launched in 2010 with the ambition to become the leading supplier of digital intellectual material from the Arab world. It has partnered with Amazon to offer POD selections of its database and has recently updated its design and relaunched its platform to offer full-text search, contextual links, and document downloads of Arabic scholarly materials. It has attracted more than one million users in 200 universities across the world.

The company offers full-text Arabic books from across 21 research disciplines, including languages, religion, economics and politics; while the new platform offers “intuitive full-text search, consistent structure, rich media, virtual bilingual keyboard, real-time translation, social features, as well as unlimited simultaneous access and seamless download to any device.”

“We are very excited to be launching our new platform that has been designed from the ground up with the Arabic language in mind. We are now able to build upon our proprietary technology to continuously provide the best, most comprehensive and interactive research solutions to meet the needs of our increasingly tech-savvy users,” said Mohamad Al-Baghdadi, Chief Executive Officer of Al Manhal in a press release. “Our new platform, coupled with our extensive library of Arabic ebooks, e-journals, dissertations and strategic reports, makes the research and learning experience more effective, efficient, immersive and rewarding.”

An addition, the new platform “provides librarians with Administrator access that includes usage and subscription DASHBOARDs, as well as title updates, counter compliant usage statistics, RDA compliant MARC records, and other relevant data in order to assist librarians to administer the subscriptions.”

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