7 Apps for Writers to Boost Their Productivity

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Writer Pro is one of several recommended tools to help you keep your focus on the work at hand.

Writer Pro is one of several recommended tools to help you keep your focus on the work at hand.

Robert Morris recommends seven apps to help today’s writers stop procrastinating, focus on the work at hand and boost their productivity.

By Robert Morris

Robert Morris

Robert Morris

What’s the first thing today’s writers do when they want to stop procrastinating and boost their productivity? They search for the right online tools, websites, and apps. That’s a great way to waste more time without feeling guilty about it. However, you should never forget one thing: being productive means achieving more in less time.

Keeping that in mind, the following list of productivity tools should save you some time you would spend in trial and error. Start exploring them today!

Now Novel

This online tool is aimed at structuring the writing process, motivating its users to finish the work they’ve started, and assisting them in coming up with ideas, structuring and writing the novels. Now Novel will help you organize the process of writing, so it will be easier for you to stick to the plan thanks to the consistent motivation you’ll get. The concept works as an online novel writing course that’s tailored to your preferences.

Essay Writer

Writers are usually loners. They go through the entire creation process all by themselves. However, everyone needs assistance at one point or another. For example, if the setting of your story is in a particular period of our history, you’ll want to make sure to get all details right. At custom writing service NinjaEssays.com, you can collaborate with experts from different areas of study. They can help you get the information you need, so you’ll make your work more trustworthy and relevant.

In addition, you can get effective editing assistance at this website.

LeechBlock and StayFocusd

The Internet is an inevitable aspect of your work as a writer. That’s how you connect with your readers, get feedback, and find the needed resources to support your writing. However, you cannot deny the fact that the Internet is also the greatest distraction that’s preventing you from achieving the goals you are capable of. Website blockers can fix that!

LeechBlock (for Firefox) and StayFocusd (for Chrome) will block distracting websites during specific periods of time. Both tools are highly customizable, so you can set your preferences and get to work without being worried that Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter would tempt you throughout the writing process. 


Don’t you feel guilty when you’re waiting in a long line or boring yourself to death during a long trip? You can hardly take a laptop out and get to work in such situations, but there is something you can do to increase your productivity: edit! GoodReader enables you to perfect your work on the go. The fact that you can use it on your iPhone makes it easily accessible, so you can commit yourself to the current project even when you’re waiting in line.

Writer Pro

Are you tired of the usual word processing programs? Do you need something more simplistic, but more effective as well? Then you’ll love Writer Pro – a simple tool that creates a streamlined work environment for authors. You can use it for reading, taking notes, writing, and editing. When you create a document, you can convert it to a .docx file. In addition, you can move your manuscripts from Microsoft Word to Writer Pro, so you can continue working in a distraction-free environment. 

The Brainstormer

Brainstorming is one of the most creative parts of the writing process. Thus, you need an inspiring online environment that will make the stage effortless. The Brainstormer is a tactile tool that enables you to develop the setting, plot, subject and style of your story. You can use the wheel or slot model to get different combinations of those aspects. You’ll be amazed of the number of ideas you can generate from an automated tool. The best part is that you can create your own custom wheel sets, so you’ll make sure to get entirely unique prompts.

Now that you have a list of awesome tool that support the writing process, you can stop wasting time and get back to work!

Robert Morris is an online writer, traveler and educator. He is working on his first e-book dedicated to writing techniques. Follow Robert on Google+!               

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