Timely Poet’s Tour Trumps Trump with Trump

In Book Review by Dennis Abrams

Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown

Oklahoma poet Nathan Brown is garnering attention during his book tour for a poem touching on the life of Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

By Dennis Abrams

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to interview Nathan Brown, the former Poet Laureate of Oklahoma who had recently launched his own publishing company, Mezcalita Press.

And now, Brown is receiving a lot of attention as he travels around the country promoting his new poetry collection. For, in a lucky break rarely granted to poets, one poem happens to be about one of the most talked about men in America today.

To Sing HallucinatedIn To Sing Hallucinated: First Thoughts on Last Words, Nathan Brown explores the honest and “leveling” territory of the final words and/or gestures of the famous, notorious, or otherwise. Starting as far back as Socrates in 399 B.C., he works his way up to the likes of Charles Bukowski and John Denver. And as much as we may try to pin solemnity to dying moments, many of these poems, as well as the last words that they are about, end up being surprisingly humorous.

And, in an unlikely fit of timeliness, Brown even takes on Donald Trump in the poem “Fair’s Fair.” The piece is based on Mark Twain’s last words, “Death, the only immortal who treats us alike…”

So, here’s a taste of this rather astonishing poem, torn, as it were, from today’s headlines:

Fair’s Fair

Something makes me smile
when I think Donald Trump
himself, will not even be able
to buy his way out of this one.

The richest man in the world,
give or take a few multi-billionaires,
may find a way to lengthen it artificially,
but he’ll only begin to look as bad
as his hair already does.

In death, the mighty
Disintegrate into parodies.

And the poets, sometimes,
rise up… finally heard.

Not that death is disinterested.

Just, in the end, fair.
And firm about it.

The entire collection is terrific. To purchase it, click here.

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