In Japan, a New Bookstore Doubles as a Hotel

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Early Concept Shot of Book and Bed

Operated by Shibuya Publishing Booksellers, the new Book & Bed capsule hotel in Tokyo “invites bibliophiles to sleep in the stacks” of an actual bookstore.

By Dennis Abrams

In Paris, if you’re willing to volunteer time, you can crash at Shakespeare and Company for free. Now in Japan, the concept of sleeping in a bookstore is being taken a step further, allowing you to actually sleep in the stacks.

Opening this September is the Book and Bed, a new hotel located in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighborhood, that, according to Rocket News 24, literally “invites bibliophiles to sleep in the stacks.”

The hostel is a cooperative effort among designers Suppose Design Office, real estate boutique R-Store, and “bookstore-cum-publisher” Shibuya Publishing Booksellers, which brings takes this one step beyond your usual internet cafe/bookstore.

Rocket News reports that, according to its website, the hotel was “conceived” around the idea that “dozing off while doing something you love is an amazing ‘in the moment’ experience. And if what you love is perusing aisles of books, they want to provide a space with appropriate bedding where you can do just that.”

But as Jessica Kozuka writes, if you’re looking for a luxurious private room, this might not be the place for you:

“Suppose Design Office’s bookshelves are built complete with bunks you can crawl into, capsule hotel-style. And like a capsule hotel, these are not exactly private rooms, but I suppose if you are dreaming of dozing off in a bookstore, you are OK with that communality.”

I have to admit though, that for me, the idea of finding that perfect book on the store’s shelves and then crawling into bed to read it is kind of irresistible. Of course, the book would probably in Japanese, but still…

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