Infographic: STM Publishing Tech Trends in 2015

In Global Trade Talk by Edward Nawotka

STM Infographic Trends

Key STM technology trends for 2015 include data as a First Class Research Object, reputation management, and scholarly articles as the jumping off point for further multimedia production.

The International Association of STM Publishers released a series of three infographics highlighting 2015 Tech Trends.

Some takeaways include:

  • The web is now the dominant medium for information exchange.
  • Social networks have not taken off in STM publishing and smart phone adoption is limited except among doctors.
  • Web access levels are high at 2.5 billion per year and at a cost of about $1 per article;
  • The big deal license remains the majority model, with 71 percent of all access provided through big deals;
  • Globalization continues, especially with regard to China and India;
  • There is an increased emphasis on data and the Open Access transition will continue.

As Jill O’Neill notes in her analysis, the infographics cover three key findings: The emergence of data as a First Class Research Object; the emerging importance of Reputation Management; and the emergence scholarly article as a crucial element in a hub and spoke model for multimedia exploration, production and consumption. The single infographic, above, summarizes the three.

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