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By Hannah Johnson

In the USA, Millennials make up one quarter of the country’s population (over 80 million people between ages 18 and 34), and control $200 billion in annual buying power. Millennials outnumber Baby Boomers by 11 million people. They are more diverse, more educated and more optimistic about the future.

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Publishers and marketers, find out how to reach Millennial consumers at the latest Publishing Perspectives event, Designing Books for Millennials, on March 26 in NYC

Many companies are investing more resources into reaching Millennial consumers by developing new products, creating new marketing strategies, and changing their communication techniques. But Millennials are less swayed by traditional advertising and marketing than previous generations.

One of the most defining characteristics of Millennial consumers is their relationship to technology and social media. Not only did Millennials invent social media, they trust it as a source for reliable information about what’s happening and what to buy. A Pew Research Center report said, “It’s not just their gadgets — it’s the way they’ve fused their social lives into them.” For media companies, in particular, this presents new opportunities to use their content as a means of connecting with Millennials — as well as new challenges monetizing that content.

In the publishing business, we’ve heard good news about how many books Millennials read. The key is to figure out what they like to read, how they like to read it, and how to let them know about your books.

On March 26 at our event, Designing Books for Millennials, Publishing Technology will present new research on “How Millennials Consume Content” with the information that publishers need to reach this critical group of readers, whose incomes and influence are on the rise.

The event program also includes Millennial expert Larissa Faw, community experts from YouTube and Huffington Post Teen, and marketers from global publishing companies. Register now to find out how they connect with Millennials, what tools and techniques they use, and how you can incorporate these strategies into your own business.

Tickets are now on sale. Register before February 28 for special discount pricing!

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