Why You Should Attend the St. Gallen Publishing Course in Singapore?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

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The St. Gallen Publishing Course will take place in Singapore this August.

Sponsored by the Frankfurt Book Fair: If you’re looking to build the skills to take your career to the next level, the St. Gallen International Publishing Course in Singapore may be for you.

By Edward Nawotka

Asia can seem like a long way journey when you are a European or American publishing professional. But for many, a trip there is a life-altering experience. Yes, it might be a challenge for you to take a flight across the globe at the end of high summer, but there’s a real upside? What if you could build the skills and tools to take your career to the next level? Make better business decisions? Sit, think and talk about what you do day to day with like minded publishing professionals? Learn from the best? 

If you’ve been reading Publishing Perspectives closely over the past few years you’ll note that there has been a dramatic shift in Asian publishing, a shift that is almost seismic — and the potential for taking advantage of it is immense. But how will you know if you don’t go? 

St. Gallen Publishing course

That is why this year the Frankfurt Book Fair and St. Gallen’s Media and Communications Management Institute (MCM) are taking the St. Gallen International Publishing Management Course to Singapore. 

This a 10-day executive training program includes sessions at the MCM Institute for Management in Singapore and, shortly before the Book Fair, in Frankfurt.

Professors at St. Gallen Publishing CourseBozena Mierezejewska of Fordham University and Professor Vincent Kaufmann, Director of the Institute for Media and Communications Management offered a run down of some of the programming earlier this year. Topics covered include social media and customer relationship management, cross-media strategies and business model innovation, cultural frameworks and challenges to the publishing industry, the Asian publishing market, leadership, and more.

Beyond access to top level management training and access to Asian markets, there are several more reasons to think about attending the event, including:

EXCLUSIVITY: The number of participants is limited, ensuring a program tailored specifically to the needs of the participants.

INTERACTION: The speakers’ expert knowledge comes just as much into play as the exchange amongst participants. Everyone is there to learn from each other.

SCOPE: You will be exposed to pioneering knowledge from a wide range of market perspectives and based on in-depth research results.

INTENSITY: 10 days in all to dive deep into the most exciting areas of change in publishing and media.

INTERNATIONALITY: Build your international network of publishing, media and management experts from the trade and academia.

You can read about the full program online. Registration is open now.

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