Top 12 Articles on Publishing in Latin America of 2014

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By Hannah Johnson

south_americaFrom ebooks to textbooks, rights sales to mergers, the Latin American publishing industry has seen plenty of change recently. New opportunities for international and local players are emerging, while companies are also looking to address challenges of distribution and access.

Take a look at our top 12 articles about publishing in Latin America in 2014, or browse our Latin America archive.

1: In Brazil, Amazon Starts Selling Kindles Direct, Books are Next

By Carlo Carrenho
After 13 months of using partners to sell Kindles in Brazil, Amazon began to offer direct sales of Kindle devices in February 2014. If they can do that, books are not likely far behind. (Read more in article 7 below.)

2: LATin: South America’s Open Education Publishing Project

By Andrés Delgado Darnalt
An open-source publishing project in Latin America looks to tackle the problem of decreased textbook use among students in the region.

3: To Tango, Flamenco and Samba: Penguin Random House Merger with Santillana

By Carlo Carrenho and Edward Nawotka
The Penguin Random House deal to absorb Santillana’s trade lines has serious implications for the Spanish-book market, but the outlier in the deal is Brazil.

4: Educating Amazon: Brazil Gov’t Seeks Suitors for School Ebooks

By Carlo Carrenho
Contrary to many press reports earlier this year, Amazon does not have an exclusive deal to distribute digital books to the lucrative Brazilian education market.

5: Brazil’s Saraiva Evolving Under New Tech-Minded CEO

By Edward Nawotka
Brazil’s Saraiva has brought in a new tech-savvy CEO who is integrating retail and publishing operations while exploring options in education and tech.

6: Mexican Kids Bookseller Tells of Struggle for Survival

By Adam Critchley
Five years after opening, Mexican children’s bookstore Catarina Marina has been awarded the $14,500 annual national bookstore prize. Its founder Sonia Verjovsky tells Publishing Perspectives of the day-to-day struggle of selling books to children.

7: With Print, Amazon Challenges Brazil’s Bookselling Establishment

By Carlo Carrenho
The Seattle giant has started selling print books in Brazil and is raising the bar for publishers and distributors throughout the Brazilian book market.

8: On Discovering Essential, Modern Mexican Literature

By Anna Kelly
Anna Kelly, an editor at Hamish Hamilton, reflects on her discoveries in Mexican literature during a recent trip to Mexico sponsored by the British Council.

9: Clube de Autores: A Self-Publishing Boom in Brazil

By Octavio Kulesz
Clube de Autores is the top self-publishing platform in Brazil. We interviewed founder and CEO Ricardo Almeida about his company and the self-publishing market in Brazil.

10: Argentina’s Book Market Reels from Economic Challenges

By Leonardo Neto
Argentina’s famed publishing industry has suffered serious setbacks due to changes in government policies, but some see opportunity despite the challenges.

11: EducaTablet: Latin America’s New Mobile-centric K-12 Content Platform

By Andrés Delgado Darnalt
EducaTablet has launched a digital-content ecosystem where Latin American students can access textbooks from major publishers, in Spanish and English, online and off.

12: Oceano Moves Into Ebooks, Mines Smaller Spanish Markets

By Andrés Delgado Darnalt
Groupo Oceano, one of the largest Spanish-language publishers, has finally launched a line of ebook titles out of its Mexico subsidiary aimed at Latin America.

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