One Question Interview: EJ van Lanen, Frisch & Co

In Global Trade Talk by Saskia Vogel

By Saskia Vogel

EJ van Lanen at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014

EJ van Lanen at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014

PP: Tell me some exciting news about Frisch & Co and what you’ve taken away from it: an observation, advice or a lesson.

EJ: Penguin is doing a hardcover edition of Der Turm, and we’re doing a co-edition e-book. It’s called The Tower in English. It comes out November 6th and will be sold all over the world by Penguin. [Ed: Frisch & Co first published Uwe Tellkamp’s The Tower in English as an e-book.] I think this shows that there are different ways of getting your books into English, there are different avenues to use to sell your rights. In our case, this went from Suhrkamp to Frisch & Co to Penguin. I hope people see this as a good model for doing that. That it’s possible for a small publisher in Finland or Norway to translate their own books into English as an e-book to help it find its way into a wider market. The English-language market feels much closer than before.

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