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This article is supported by NOOK Press, a sponsor of the Frankfurt Book Fair’s 2014 International Self-Publishing & Author Program.

nook press logo squareSelf-publishing a book can be complex, but the slogan of NOOK Press® is “self-publishing made simple.” What does NOOK Press offer to make this process simple?

Interview with the NOOK Press Team

The NOOK Press platform has an intuitive and streamlined workflow that guides the writer, step-by-step, through the process of getting set up as a publisher as well as taking their work from manuscript to eBook.

To make self-publishing with NOOK Press even easier, we have how-to videos, a robust knowledge base and formatting guide. We also feature author-to-author advice on the NOOK Press Facebook page and on the NOOK Press blog.

Which features make NOOK Press stand out from the competition?

One of the key things we wanted NOOK Press to do was demystify and simplify the eBook creation process. By including an editing tool set in the platform, authors can easily upload a word document, edit that document and quickly publish to ePub without any technical skill sets.

These tools also provide authors an easy way to edit and update their eBook as new editions, get marketing information and address other content needs as they develop. The author doesn’t have to re-upload files, they can just add changes on the site and repost.

We also offer a secure collaboration feature, so authors can share their work with all the people in their community who help them make a polished book.

Describe the NOOK® community and how authors can leverage this group to further their writing careers.

NOOK Press authors tell us that NOOK customers are their most loyal fans. To further the relationship between NOOK Press authors and NOOK readers, we launched the NOOK Press Blog this year. This blog allows us to give the independent community a voice in a retail setting, and we often share our guest posts on the blog directly with NOOK social media followers.

Is NOOK Press only for independent authors, or do publishing organizations use this platform as well?

NOOK Press is for everyone that wants to sell their content. Digital publishers, agents, media outlets, and more, utilize NOOK Press, alongside independent authors. NOOK Press not only offers competitive sales terms, it provides all who publish a quick way to distribute content and find avid readers. Self-publishing through NOOK Press also provides a venue for short content, prequels, novellas and long-form journalism – content formats that don’t always find a home on the publishing lists of traditional book publishing.

NOOK Press is available to users in the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, and Belgium. How does this focus on international publishing benefit NOOK Press authors?

Opening NOOK Press to publishers outside the US allows these authors to find many more new readers through the NOOK ecosystem. Our international expansion brings the larger US reading markets to an author’s doorstep, especially for authors of English- and Spanish-language content. We’re excited to see how this broader reach will change the way people are discovering new writers, and contribute to the growth NOOK Press authors will experience internationally.

Can you give some examples of authors who have used NOOK Press successfully and what they did to earn that success?

There are many authors who have found success at NOOK Press. We can easily point to bestselling authors like Barbara Freethy, Bella Andre, Joshua Graham, CJ Lyons, and so many more who have quickly grown their digital fan bases or have multiple bestselling series. But there’s also an opportunity in self-publishing for niche topics and timely book releases. Jean Sasson’s Princess series offers insight into the life of a Saudi Arabian family. When Jean’s agent, Liza Dawson, published the series on NOOK Press, the series found new readers in digital and became a national bestseller. We also see high success rates when authors work together and release box sets. Many of these box sets, whether an individual’s collection or an author collaborative, go on to be bestsellers.

What all of these authors, agents and publishers have done is to understand the market: utilize price points that work in their genre, create polished packaging, develop an online presence and a way for readers to connect with them, and of course, write good and entertaining books.

Any best practice advice to authors just starting out with NOOK Press?

We often ask our most successful authors to share their experiences and advice as self-publishers. They almost always come back with one main tip: write a great book, and that’s certainly true! But it’s also important to think about how to market a book — an important step that should happen before publishing. Connect with other writers in your genre and find out what works for them. Check out our NOOK Press Facebook page and NOOK Press Blog to hear from authors about the steps they took to launch their eBooks.

Any future plans you can share?

Our future plans involve supporting our self-published authors in as many ways as possible. Our immediate plans are attending the Frankfurt Book Fair, sponsoring the self-publishing program that’s launched there this year, and meeting many more international and independent authors and publishers. To make it even easier to connect with us, we’re throwing a cocktail party in our booth:
Date: Thursday, October 9, 2014
Time: 4:30-6:00 pm
Location: Hall 8.0 Stand H120
Please RSVP to

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