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This article is supported by IngramSpark, a sponsor of the Frankfurt Book Fair’s 2014 International Self-Publishing & Author Program.

From Eriq La Salle to Dominic Selwood, indie publishers are successfully reaching more readers with IngramSpark, a global distribution platform for self-published authors.

IngramSpark-LogoBy Robin Cutler, Senior Independent Publisher Manager, IngramSpark

Writing books is a craft, and while writers hone their craft and decide who the heroine is, what the plot is, or if the dog should live (of course it should), when the final “t” is crossed and the final “i” is dotted, today’s indie publishers can author a book with full confidence that it will get published — a big change from a decade ago, or even a few years ago.

Regardless of genre, there are more opportunities available for indies than there ever have been. The barriers that once existed to become a published author have come down, and an increasing number of both established and unpublished authors are becoming independent publishers in their own right.

While it’s certainly an exciting time to be in the book business, it’s also a complicated market to navigate; using the solutions of a publishing services provider can make it much easier. Through our IngramSpark platform we’ve had great success helping thousands of indie authors and publishers publish books, reach worldwide markets, and realize sales.

IngramSpark offers print and digital distribution services for indie authors

IngramSpark offers print and digital distribution services for indie authors

Indies that have comprehensive publishing services tools available to them and worldwide distribution to reach readers with content in both print and digital formats, are succeeding in today’s marketplace. For instance actor/director Eriq La Salle, known for his award-winning portrayal of Dr. Peter Benton on the popular and long-running television medical drama, “ER,” recently published his thriller title, The Laws of Wrath (ISBN 978-0991655809), through IngramSpark. Distribution and worldwide reach were key components of Mr. LaSalle’s publishing strategy, and his best-selling sequel is now reaching readers worldwide and enjoying healthy sales. Eriq said “IngramSpark distribution makes it so much easier and effective in getting maximum exposure.”

Author Dominic Selwood, also a well-known historian and blogger for London’s Telegraph, opted to use IngramSpark to publish his first thriller novel, The Sword of Moses (ISBN 978-0992633202). Using IngramSpark, Dr. Selwood retained full-control of the publishing process and had access to extensive distribution channels to reach readers globally. The combination of IngramSpark’s expansive distribution and thorough and thoughtful marketing has helped to sell more than 30,000 copies around the world, and sales keep growing. Dr. Selwood noted, “I love books and everything to do with their production — content, layout, typography, look, and feel. For an indie publisher, the IngramSpark platform’s intuitive ease of use and quick international distribution was exactly what I was looking for. The success I’ve had with the book is incredible.”

Our IngramSpark team loves books and readers, and thinks that connecting the two should be easy. Whether you publish one book, or one thousand, do your due diligence on the publishing services providers available in the market today, and select the service that best meets your needs. We believe IngramSpark is one of the best, and invite you to give us a try, and give us your feedback. Best of luck in your writing and publishing endeavors.

Robin Cutler will share her independent publishing knowledge and expertise in a session at the Frankfurt Book Fair’s Self-Publishing Program on Saturday, October 11, at 3:30pm, “A Roadmap, The ABC’s Of Bringing Books to Market.”

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