Introducing BackTypo, A Self-Publishing Tool with Italian Flair

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BackTypo, a self-publishing tool from Italy, promises to help authors build beautiful books simply and easily.

By Giacomo D’Angelo, product manager,

BackTypo is a free online service that allows you to produce well-made books without any special technical knowledge. It is available for all authors, publishers, writers, bloggers, professionals and anyone who want to try their hand at producing an ebook. It operates within any Internet browser on all technology platforms.

backtypo authoring tool

BackTypo provides an editing environment allowing the user to write and format books.

On the left is what we call the “Navigation Bar,” a tool that allows you to define the structure of the book– the sections, parts, chapters and subchapters on multiple levels, images, notes, etc. You can easily sort, delete and rename sections. The index of the book can also be read in “Map” mode, which is very useful for managing long and complex books.

On the right is the “content editor” which can be extended to the whole page for quick and easy composition. Content can be inserted from other software (i.e. Microsoft Word or Scrivener), or edited directly online. The editor provides a “Toolbar” to control the formatting of the text. An HTML view is also available for those who want advanced customization.

Giacomo D'Angelo

Giacomo D’Angelo

But the most outstanding feature of BackTypo is undoubtedly the engine for generating various book formats: EPUB, mobi, and PDF – the latter is especially useful for printing.

The BackTypo engine allows you to get the already validated (via epubcheck) output formats, which are optimized for sale in all online bookstores, all with a simple click. The files can be downloaded onto your computer and used without any constraint or limitation.

BackTypo also works for graphic and typographic books by providing various web graphics that the user can preview and apply to the book.

We have already made a dozen graphic templates available for different literary genres, such as novels, essays, humor, and thrillers.

In fact, BackTypo is fully integrated with, which allows you to distribute and sell your work worldwide on Amazon Kindle Store, Apple iBook Store, Google Play Store, Kobobooks Store and many other bookstores. Just click on “Publish with Narcissus,” enter the price, choose the store, and you’re done.

The advantages of BackTypo are huge: you can concentrate on writing the content without spending time on the technical and graphical aspects of the book, because BackTypo takes care of this automatically. In addition, the content can be updated over time and reissued with a few steps, at no cost and without any constraint.

And this is just the beginning! In fact, we are working to make BackTypo an increasingly useful and unique tool. Soon we will release more beautiful graphic templates, and we will begin the possibility of producing and selling different kinds of books, such as cookbooks, poetry, technical book and others. In addition, we are working on a new content editor designed for fixed-layout and audiobook (EPUB3) formats.

For further information, I invite you to visit and try it yourself, as well as comb through our new service center with lots of useful information.

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