9 “Don’ts for Publishers” 2014 Edition

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Richard Charkin's Dont's for Publishers

By Edward Nawotka

Richard Charkin, Executive Director of Bloomsbury UK, offered the keynote speech at this year’s Klopotek Publisher’s Forum conference in Berlin taking place this week, where he ended dramatically with a list of “Don’ts for Publishers” — a riff on Bloomsbury’s two million-copy bestselling revivals from 1913, Don’ts for Husbands and Don’ts for Wives.

Richard Charkin’s Don’ts for Publishers 2014

1. Ignore old copyrights…there is value to be found there

2. Overvalue copyrights…times and tastes change

3. Pretend you are a retailer…you’re not, but someone in your company might be

4. Believe what retailers tell you…They tell you what information they want

5. Believe spreadsheets…People are just putting in the things they put into spreadsheets

6. Believe what strategists tell you…They have their own interests in mind as much as yours.

7. Create digital ghettos…Don’t have a digital strategy, have a publishing strategy

8. Over-engineer your systems…Make it too complicated and it causes trouble

9. Abandon good businesses…They are still viable and will be so for some time to come

And one bonus…

10. Don’t print too many copies. Just don’t.

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