Frankfurt Book Fair Announces “New Concept” for 2015

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Booths and pavilions crowd the floor of Halle 8.0 at Frankfurt Book Fair 2013. By 2015, the English-language publishers will move to Halls 6 and 4. Photo: Porter Anderson

Booths and pavilions crowd the floor of Halle 8.0 at Frankfurt Book Fair 2013. By 2015, the English-language publishers will move to Halls 6 and 4. Photo: Porter Anderson

What follows is the official press release for changes to the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair.

To reflect the consolidation of international book markets, the Frankfurt Book Fair is placing renewed emphasis on the international exhibitors. In the future, they will be brought closer to the heart of the action and better integrated into the overall hall plan. The new infrastructure programme is intended to provide exhibitors and visitors with more attractive facilities, optimised visitor traffic flow and new opportunities to interact with fellow fairgoers.

Frankfurt, 30 April 2014 – Next year, the Frankfurt Book Fair will introduce a series of changes to reflect the trends and upheavals that are impacting the publishing business. A major focus of this shift is the increasing consolidation of international markets and the proliferation of technological opportunities and new business models. One of the reasons for instituting these changes is to make it easier for all Book Fair customers to tap into the growing potential of the international publishing market. At the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 (14-18 October 2015), all the business partners and locations that are important to attendees will be just a five-minute walk away. By strengthening and distinguishing individual communities at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the aim is that attendees will be able to find their way around the exhibition grounds more easily.

“The relocation of many of our exhibitors on the exhibition grounds is representative of the overall shift that the publishing industry is experiencing today”, said Juergen Boos, Director of the Frankfurt Book Fair. “With this new concept, the Frankfurt Book Fair can live up to its claim of being the ‘Global City of Ideas’ and offer its customers a very satisfying Book Fair experience, both now and in the future.”

Plans for the new infrastructure programme have been underway since the end of the last Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2013. Numerous exhibitors from a variety of regions and subject areas have been involved in the discussions. Essential features of the infrastructure programme include:

Relocation of English-language exhibitors
English-language exhibitors will move to the heart of the Book Fair action in 2015 – from Hall 8 to Halls 6 and 4. This will create exciting new zones between adjacent halls (e.g. between German and English-language art books in Halls 4 and 6), or within a single hall (e.g. German and English-language scientific publishers in Hall 4.2). The Literary Agents & Scouts Centre will be housed in Hall 6.3 starting in 2015.

Asia – a new growth market
The Asian market is proving to be one of the most dynamic publishing markets worldwide. Among many exhibitors, interest in creating deeper professional ties with Asia has increased tremendously. Asia, India and the Arab world will, in 2015, be centrally located in Hall 4 – in the immediate vicinity of the German and English-language halls.

Hall 5: United Nations of Publishing; Hall 4.2 remains the home of knowledge
Latin America, the Spanish-speaking world, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe will be the face of Hall 5 going forward. Scientific publishers will remain in Hall 4.2, reinforced by the addition of international specialist publishers.

The German-language publishing world will remain where it is – but with an added bonus
German-language exhibitors will remain in Halls 3 and 4, but starting in 2015, they’ll have more opportunities to expand their international business easier and faster, thanks to the relocation of Hall 8 exhibitors.

Optimisation of visitor traffic flow with the help of clearly demarcated “zones” and improved orientation
With the Classroom of the Future, the Hot Spots Professional & Scientific Information and Education and the International Library Centre ILC, Hall 4.2 continues to expand its role as a centre of knowledge. The Asian, Indian and Arab publishing markets will also come to the fore in Hall 4. In addition to literature and education, Hall 3.1 will focus more on “creative living” (Gourmet Gallery, DIY). And starting in 2014, the Book Fair will offer more guided tours organised by theme that will enable participants to see the Book Fair from a whole new perspective.

Introduction of new presentation formats and new ways to interact with the audience
The Agora – the open-air space between the halls – will be upgraded with an expanded Open Stage programme. The Lesezelt – a reading marquee – will be modernised and new festival formats will be introduced for consumers young and old. Overall, the Frankfurt Book Fair will expand those events and services that allow publishers and authors to come face-to-face with their readers, particularly at the weekend.

Purposeful promotion of diversity and a spirit of innovation
The Frankfurt Book Fair is constantly enhancing its products and services for up-and-coming industry professionals and innovative publishing business models. That includes this year’s expansion of the exhibition area dedicated to self-publishers, the conferences CONTEC (which focuses on the interface between content and technology) and StoryDrive (where media, film and games representatives gather with publishing experts).

Improved quality and number of networking opportunities thanks to the introduction of new services and dialogue formats
This includes the recently launched Frankfurt Book Fair Business Club for trade visitors who have a greater need for more in-depth networking.

As the member of the Frankfurt Book Fair’s executive board responsible for planning the new hall layout, Gabi Rauch-Kneer said: “We are convinced that we have succeeded in putting together an innovative overall concept that reflects the many in-depth discussions we’ve had with our customers. With the introduction of a new hall layout, we’re making an important contribution to the Frankfurt Book Fair’s infrastructure programme.”

The Frankfurt Book Fair will provide regular progress reports over the coming months. A number of information events, and tours of the new and improved exhibition layout, are also planned for the Book Fair in October.

More information will be available from 30 April 2014 on:

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