Exprima Talks: Steven Woodall, Center for Book and Paper Arts

In Tech Digest by Corey Pressman

exprima talks logoExprima Talks, led by Corey Pressman of Exprima Media and conducted for Publishing Perspectives, is a series of discussions with people thinking and tinkering in the space of reading.

In this video, Woodall suggests that people who sit in front of screens could be “hungry for the feel of real materials.” The internet, a ghostly place where information appears and disappears, does a poor job of preserving the content that we’ve created and connecting people with that content.

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Corey Pressman

Corey taught anthropology for 12 years before founding Exprima Media, a software design and development company that partners with content providers to envision, design, and develop compelling and effective interactive experiences. Corey delivers presentations on a variety of topics including the future of publishing, interaction design, and global mobile initiatives. He is also a Fellow of the Imaginary College at Arizona State University's Center for Science and the Imagination.