Exprima Talks: Finitiv Offers Revenue Channel for Professional Publishers

In Tech Digest by Corey Pressman

exprima talks logoExprima Talks, led by Corey Pressman of Exprima Media and conducted for Publishing Perspectives, is a series of discussions with people thinking and tinkering in the space of reading.

Finitiv, says president Andrew Brenneman, was built to help publishers solve the “main problem” of how to “close the gap of revenue that was lost from print.” In this video interview, Brenneman describes how Finitiv’s subscription platform can help professional publishers generate more revenue from their existing and new content.

Finitiv is a subscription platform that allows publishers to create collections of books, and charge customers a monthly fee for access to all the content in that collection. “When groups of titles are put together,” says Brenneman, “it can act as an information resource.”

After all, Brenneman says, most customers of professional content “aren’t looking to buy a book, per say. They are looking to answer a question.”

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Corey taught anthropology for 12 years before founding Exprima Media, a software design and development company that partners with content providers to envision, design, and develop compelling and effective interactive experiences. Corey delivers presentations on a variety of topics including the future of publishing, interaction design, and global mobile initiatives. He is also a Fellow of the Imaginary College at Arizona State University's Center for Science and the Imagination.