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ShebooksFrom her blog, Beth Kephart Books, noted author and Publishing Perspectives contributor Beth Kephart celebrated the launch of something new: Shebooks.

Looking for something bright in this new year? A new literary idea that really works?

I have one word for you: Shebooks.

Beth Kephart

Beth Kephart

Readers of this blog might remember my post about a certain Shebooks writing contest a few months back.

Today I’m talking about the suite of Shebooks singles already available for downloading. These exquisite “mini” books of some 7,500 words each fit in your hands, can be read in a sitting, and can be downloaded for a mere $2.99 each. That’s one thing. The other thing? They’re written by writers you already know and love. Marion Winik. Laura Fraser. Hope Edelman. Micah Perkins. Ann Pearlman. Jessica Anya Blau. Faith Adiele. Suzanne Antonetta Paola. Zoe Rosenfeld. And many more to come.

I find the entire concept—the brainchild of Peggy Northrop and Laura Fraser—exhilarating. I’ve found the Shebooks themselves to be knock out reads—quieting, intriguing, considered, intimate, and intimately addressed to the reader (Want to eat the food of Italy without actually getting on a plane? Read Laura. Want a companion as you consider the lost and found of memory? Marion is your guide. Want to be carried backward in time, to a black and white engagement? Read Ann. Etc.). I feel incredibly lucky to be included in this community, with my own mini-memoir—Nests. Flight. Sky.—due out soon. And I feel especially happy to invite my women writing friends to consider submitting their own work to Shebooks.

For more on Shebooks, read Caroline Leavitt’s interview with Laura Fraser, Editorial Director and Cofounder. Look, too, for upcoming essays and interviews on Jennifer Haupt’s wonderful Psychology Today blog, One True Thing. And download a book, or two on this snowy day. It’ll be the best bit of change you’ll ever spend.

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