Russia To Censor Book Honoring Gay Icons Including Russia’s Own Gay Icon Tchaikovsky

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By Dennis Abrams

o-RUSSIA-CENSORS-570Gay Star News reports reports that Russia is in the process of removing a history book about famous LGBT people from bookstore shelves in another example of the reach of the nation’s new “gay propaganda” laws.

According to local reports, officials in the Saratov region have demanded the removal of Viktoriya Degtyareva’s They Changed the World…GAYS (Эксмо), a book celebrating well known public figures such as Oscar Wilde, Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres and Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky after lawyer Alexander Lelikov claimed that he saw the book on display in a store where children could easily see it.

“The book is as if deliberately released as confectionary designed for children, it has a bright cover and nice glossy paper,” Lelikov said, adding that “the common theme in the book is that it asks, ‘Why are the writers, musicians and composers in the book so talented and well known?’ ‘Why? It’s because they’re gay.’”

Lelikov is demanding that the book be removed from store shelves, and is calling on law enforcement to penalize stores that carried the book.

And, as Gay Star News notes, since Russian lawmaker and State Duma deputy Olga Batalina has a history of supporting raids in the Saratov region while promising to fine book stores heavily if they are caught supporting “gay literature,” it seems likely that Lelikov will soon get his wish.

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