Authors Guide to the Frankfurt Book Fair

In English Language by Hannah Johnson

Download the complete guide as a PDF or read it online.

Our comprehensive Authors Guide to the Frankfurt Book Fair includes strategies for success in Frankfurt, as well as cost break-downs and a planning timeline.

By Hannah Johnson

“No, sorry.”
“Nobody here is available for a meeting right now.”
“If you don’t have an appointment, we can’t let you in.”

Hearing answers like these for five days would leave most people frustrated and angry, and this is unfortunately the experience many authors have when they come to the Frankfurt Book Fair.

To get the most out of a trip to Frankfurt, research your trip and plan meetings well in advance.

To give yourself the best chance of success at the Frankfurt Book Fair, you need to research your trip in advance, set realistic goals, and create a plan of action.

Publishing Perspectives has created a comprehensive Authors Guide to the Frankfurt Book Fair to help you do that. Attending the Frankfurt Book Fair is a big investment, both in terms of time and money. Our guide outlines some of the decisions you need to make, how much the trip might cost, and how you can effectively network while you’re there.

Download the complete guide as a PDF or read it online.

4 Tips for Authors in Frankfurt

Here are a few tips from our guide to get you started.

1. Decide if a trip to the Frankfurt Book Fair is right for you.

Are you an unpublished author looking for an agent, or a self-published author looking to sell foreign rights? Are you willing to spend your time in Frankfurt building a network of contacts and learning about the business, but not necessarily coming home with a rights deal? Take a few minutes to write down your goals and think about whether the Frankfurt Book Fair is the right place to achieve these goals.

2. Research people and companies in advance.

If you’ve written a science fiction book, you should try to meet with people and companies working on science fiction. If you’re looking for a new ebook publishing platform, you want to find one that works directly with authors. Do as much research as you can ahead of the Fair, and you’ll end up with a targeted list of contacts and the best chance of meeting the right people.

3. Schedule meetings in advance.

Prevent a week of frustration at the Fair by requesting meetings in advance. As you research people and companies, contact them before the Fair and ask to meet in Frankfurt. You may get a few “no’s” but you’ll also likely get some positive responses.

4. Leave time for serendipity.

Some of the most successful books that publishers and agents have discovered in Frankfurt are the result of serendipity—chance meetings in hallways, at parties, or in hotel lobbies. Be sure to schedule some free time to simply wander the halls, discover, and chat with new people. Be open to new ideas that you hadn’t previously considered, and always have your business cards handy.

Download the complete guide as a PDF or read it online.

About the Author

Hannah Johnson


Hannah Johnson is the publisher of international book industry magazine Publishing Perspectives, which provides daily information and news about book markets around the world. In addition to building partnerships with international cultural and trade organizations, she works with the Frankfurt Book Fair to organize and support a number of its overseas initiatives. Hannah has also worked as the managing editor for an online media company, The Hooch Life, focused on craft distillers and cocktail experts. Prior to that, she worked as a project manager for the Frankfurt Book Fair’s New York office, managing various business and marketing activities.