Small Publishers’ Catalogue Offers Listing of African Publishers and More

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By Dennis Abrams

africa catalogueIn January of this year, we reported on the news that South Africa’s Modjaji Books was in the process of updating its Small Publishers’ Catalogue for Africa. Well, the new edition has just come out, and it’s a beauty.

As the catalogue’s editor, compiler and driving force Colleen Higgs writes in the introduction to this celebration of African small publishers:

“Many people, even those in the book world, such as librarians, booksellers, larger publishers, and books page editors are not aware of the extent and fertility of this part of the book world in Africa. This Small Publishers’ Catalogue is a way of uncovering and bringing this important work to light. The Catalogue offers some insight into the extent of small publishing. It is useful as a resourse for new small publishers or those who want to venture into self-publishing, it offers an idea of who is doing what and how they are doing it. We hope that publishers will develop connections and learn from each other about new technologies, increasing readership and new customers, as well as building relationships with different parts of the ‘book chain’ both locally and internationally.”

But the book is more than just a list of publishers. It’s a resource guide for with articles on everything from “Advice to writers on how to get your poetry published,” to “The literary scene in Accra: A Review,” and “Airing our dirty laundry.” One of particular interest to readers here, is Colleen Higgs’ missive on the Frankfurt Book Fair Invitation Programme, an experience the might be had by any small publisher from anywhere in the developing world at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Learn more about the Small Publishers’ Catalogue here.

Download a digital copy of the Catalogue here.

To purchase a print copy, contact Colleen Higgs at

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