Qantas Airline Publishes Short Books Tailored for a Flight

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Qantas Stories for Every Journey

By Edward Nawotka

Australia’s flagship airline, Qantas, is encouraging its elite milage passengers to put down their ereaders and pick up a book — and it is supplying the books. In partnership with Australian ad agency Droga5, the airline has custom published a line of short books that can be read in the duration of a single flight.

Branded as “Stories for Every Journey,” the series focuses on non-fiction, crime and thrillers and includes titles by authors James Castrission, Tony Cavanaugh, William McInnes, Jack Marx, Roland Perry, Peter FitzSimons, Lian Hearn and Rob Mundle.

“It occurred to us that, in this world of Kindles and iPads, the last bastion of the humble, paperback novel is actually at 40,000 feet,” explained Droga5’s Sydney Creative Chairman David Nobay in an interview with Advertising Age. “Just take a look at the bulging shelves at any airport bookstore. But, for all its relative clumsiness, there’s an unmistakably reassuring charm about thumbing through a good book as you recline amongst the clouds.”

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