The Ten Ways Self-Publishing Has Changed Everything

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By Dennis Abrams

The Naked AuthorAt The Guardian, Alison Baverstock, author of the guide to self-publishing, The Naked Author (Bloomsbury), listed the ways in which self-publishing “has changed the world.” Noting that, “As publishers from all over the world prepare for next week’s London Book Fair, here are 10 changes that they ignore at their peril.”

Here are the first three:

    1. There is more of an understanding today of what publishing is, and an even broader understanding that is more difficult than it looks. Self-publishing has forced authors to learn the process and know exactly what is involved.
    2. There is no longer an assumption that publishers and agents know best.
    3. The copy editor is now in stronger demand than ever. “The one thing it’s really hard to do is self-edit. Long ago publishers outsourced copy editing, relying on the freelance labor market – and freelancers are now being actively sought by self-publishing authors too.”

Read The Guardian‘s full list here.

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