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Publishing Perspectives‘ contributing editor Amanda DeMarco, who is based in Berlin, Germany, is announcing her new short-form publishing company.

The press release follows:

Readux Books will individually publish short works of (mostly) translated literature. Based in Berlin, our location in the heart of European literary life is one of our great strengths. We will release four teeny books (small format, 32–64 pages) three times yearly, a bit like a magazine. The books will be available in print and electronically. The first set will be published at the beginning of October 2013.

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Amanda DeMarco

This is a great moment to work with short-form writing. During my research, I’ve discovered a constellation of organizations dedicated to publishing short texts individually, but Readux is the first to do so with a focus on translation.

Translations from German will play an important and continuing role in our program, because of our special ties to Berlin and to German literature. In our first year, we will also publish translations from Swedish, in partnership with the Swedish publisher Novellix, whose format is the inspiration for our own. We look forward to many fruitful collaborations with Novellix in the future, as well as with other organizations in Europe and in the United States, which we’re excited to tell you more about in the coming months.

Each group of books will also include one piece by a well-known English-language writer. This person’s piece will also act as a gateway, helping readers discover foreign authors they don’t yet know they love. You can look forward to hearing more about our lineup very soon.

Readux’s regular publication schedule (with the option to subscribe) is geared to develop a relationship with readers. Our goal is to offer a variety of engaging stories and essays. We’re investing in design, and our books will be beautiful little objects that you want to own. They’ll also be affordable: about what you’d pay for a fancy cup of coffee.

To keep up with our progress, try signing up for our newsletter, following us on Twitter (@readuxreads), or liking us on Facebook. And tell your friends!

With great enthusiasm,

Amanda DeMarco, Readux

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Amanda DeMarco

Amanda DeMarco is a freelance writer and translator living in Berlin. Originally from Chicago, her work for Publishing Perspectives focuses on German-language publishing news.