Another 20 Make List of Top Spanish-Speaking Publishing Pros

In Global Trade Talk by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

PrintLast year, the Fundación El Libro and the Buenos Aires International Book Fair asked book professionals from all over the world to “vote for those 50 men and women who do outstanding work in the Spanish-speaking book industry, inspiring their colleagues to work better day after day.” This year, the Fundación El Libro did the same and added another 20 new names to the original list of 50. The new inductees are:

  • Jaime Abello Banfi, New Journalism Foundation, Colombia
  • Jesus Chico Garcia, Artemis – Edinter, Guatemala
  • Luis Chitarroni, The Beast Equilátera, Argentina
  • Javier Cortes, Federation of Publishing Guilds of Spain, Spain
  • Roberto Igarza, independent consultant, Argentina
  • Daniel Goldin, National Library Vasconcelos, Mexico
  • Manuel Gil, Antinomies Books, Spain
  • Francisco Goldman, independent consultant, United States
  • Daniel Jimenez Quiroz, Entreviñetas Festival, Colombia
  • Octavio Kulesz, Editorial Teseo, Argentina
  • Moises Melo, independent consultant, Colombia
  • Valerie Miles, Granta in Spanish, Spain
  • Ulises Milla Puntocero Editions, Venezuela
  • Eduardo Rabasa, Sixth Floor Editorial, Mexico
  • Matias Rivas, EdicionesUDP, Chile
  • Julian Rodriguez, Peripheral, Spain
  • Juan Carlos Saez, Independent Publishers Association of Chile, Chile
  • Angela Signes, CONABIP, Argentina
  • Valles Alejandro Santo Tomas, Fondo de Cultura Económica, Mexico
  • Gabriel Zaid, Editorial Jus, Mexico
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