Where is the Book Equivalent of the Harlem Shake?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka, Editor-in-Chief

As discussed in today’s feature story, “How Bookshop Windows Can Prompt Digital Promotion Campaigns,” publishers may not be fully exploiting the synergistic opportunities between promoting a book in the real world and the digital world. One of the questions raised was, “Where is the book equivalent of Gangnam Style or Harlem Shake?”

We surveyed some of the best, circa 2011: Surveying the Best and Worst in Book Trailers and In Search of the Ultimate Children’s and YA Book Trailer. Alas, the intervening years has seen limited advancement in the book trailer — and certainly nothing has approached the scale of the aforementioned sensationsl.

Is it time to think bolder, bigger? (We’re looking at you John Green — because if anyone can do it, you can.) What would it take for a book trailer to become a meme? Or a book promotion to truly “go viral?”

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