Highlights for Professionals at the Buenos Aires Book Fair, April 23-25

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By Edward Nawotka

The Buenos Aires Book Fair is coming up fast. The Fair runs from April 25-May 13. Prior to admitting the public, the Fair is open exclusively for professionals from April 23-25, offering a full roster of courses, seminars, training programs and networking events for the Latin American market. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Professional Training: Joint Venture with the Frankfurt Academy

The primary professional training seminar, EspacioTendencias, will take place on Friday, April 26. The event will focus how to manage change without forsaking the publishing tradition. Mike Shatzkin, on his first-ever visit to Latin America, and Ofelia Grande of Siruela, the executive behind one of Spain’s most admired publishers, are among the featured speakers.

Nominate Someone for the “Top 50 People in Latin American Publishing”

The Buenos Aires Book Fair continues to seek and honor those industry professionals who have had the greatest impact on the publishing business during the last few years. Your vote will help to contribute to the list the Fair started last year. Please send your nomination with a brief explanation to nimiabaez@el-libro.org.ar.

Amsterdam Takes Center Stage

The Dutch city of Amsterdam will be featured at this year’s fear in the “Amsterdam Café.” The program, organized by the Letterenfonds, will bring writers, illustrators, booksellers and publishers to the fair during Professional Sessions and at the public Fair. It’s a great opportunity to discover more about this vital cultural market with a long literary tradition.

You can learn more about the Buenos Aires Book Fair and its Professional Sessions.

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