France’s ActuaLitté Celebrates 5th Anniversary, Acquires Kids Site

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By Olivia Snaije

Five years old today, Paris-based literary magazine ActuaLitté, which could be coined “the site that never sleeps,” has just announced the acquisition of a website dedicated to children’s and YA books.

Les Histoires sans Fin (Neverending Stories) was the first site in France four years ago to offer news, reviews, and audio and video content for children and their parents alike. With almost 40,000 unique visitors per month, Les Histoires sans Fin has now been fully integrated into the ActuaLitté website. New sections have been created, including one focusing on ebooks. Its editor-in-chief and co-founder, Fred Ricou, will remain in his position and retain editorial independence.

ActuaLitté had teamed up with Google Books’ online library in late 2011 and 14 months down the road, Nicolas Gary, editorial director of ActuaLitté said: “We’ve had some [technical] bugs, but the IT team has always responded well; the site generates more than 80,000 views each month.”

Of his recent acquisition, Gary said: “Actualitté is proud to provide children’s and YA literature with all the recognition it deserves on the internet.”

Given that children’s literature and comics are the best-selling sectors in the French market, Gary has offered his site a canny birthday and Valentine’s gift.

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