What Resources for News on Italian Publishing Do You Use?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

What resources on Italian publishing do you recommend?

By Edward Nawotka, Editor-in-Chief

Italy’s publishing industry might not be the most robust on the continent — print runs hover around just 3,000 or so copies for literary fiction — but it remains one of the most interesting. The Italian’s historical flair for all things cultural extends to their books and, in addition to beautiful design and printing, the country produces some of the most engaging prose on the continent.

Of course, much of that remains isolated in Italy — isn’t much of the best writing local, rather than universal? — but you can gain insight into the developing Italian publishing scene through a variety of resources. One fine resource for the latest statistical data and information is the annual report of the Italian Publishers Association. And for a glimpse into the evolution of digital publishing in Italy, you would do well to check in on the English-language website of IfBookThen, the digital publishing conference operated by ebook publishers and booksellers Bookrepublic, and their short-form, sister company, 40K Books.

What resources on Italian publishing do you recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

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