What is Delaying Widespread Adoption of Digital Textbooks?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

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By Edward Nawotka, Editor-in-Chief

In today’s feature article,¬†George Lossius, CEO of Publishing Technology, predicts that 2013 will be “The Year of the Textbook.” He writes:

[I]t is widely acknowledged that the e-textbook market is yet to fulfill its promise and potential…Publishers are fully aware of the benefits of e-textbooks; the ability to easily refresh out-of-date content, functionality that allows books to be dissected, more interactive content, metrics that can measure the usefulness and popularity of resources, and of course pricing. All of this technology is available yet end user adoption levels are relatively low. Is it merely a question of students having the right technology at their fingertips and institutions buying into this method of working, which is surely just a matter of time? Or is there a wider issue preventing adoption?

What do you think is holding up the widespread adoption of digital textbooks? And will 2013 be the year that changes?

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