Txtr Launches E-Book Store in Denmark

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By Alex Mutter

txtr's new, lightweight e-reading device

Txtr’s Danish e-book store has gone live, with special promotions from two major Danish publishers, Gyldendal and Lindhart og Ringhof, set to begin on December 3rd.

“The Danish e-book market is still in the early stages of development and is open for a retailer bringing a fresh approach to e-books and e-reading,” said Anne-Sophie Lanier, txtr’s Vice President of Content and Publisher Relations, in a press release. “We are very pleased to work with open-minded and innovative publishers such as Gyldendal and Lindhardt og Ringhof who are willing to experiment together with us to kick start the market.”

The promotion, which will feature discounts on a number of bestsellers, aims to capitalize on the Christmas shopping season to raise Danish interest in e-readers and e-books. Txtr, which is based in Berlin, is currently in talks to bring in more Danish publishers.

The Danish e-book store offers over two-thousand Danish titles and over five-hundred thousand English titles.

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