Survey Reveals a Third of E-Readers Only Used Once

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By Alex Mutter

Survey data published yesterday by showed that 35% percent of e-reader owners used their devices only once., who conducted the survey in January, polled just under 2,000 US e-reader owners and asked about their e-reading habits. The aforementioned 35% of responders said they had only used their devices once, while 17% stated that they used their devices at least once per week, and 29% indicated that they used their e-readers every day.

Responders who stated that they had used their e-readers only once were then asked why they did not use their devices again. A 57% majority said that they were simply too busy, while 22% claimed that it was a gift that they just didn’t need, and 25% indicated that they preferred physical books.

Further, 37% of responders regretted buying an e-reader, saying that they did not think their decision was a smart one, and 29% said that they planned to sell their e-readers.

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