Brazil Offers $35.5 Million in Grants for Literary Translations

In PublishNews Brazil by Edward Nawotka

This week’s issue of PublishNews Brazil, a collaboration between Publishing Perspectives and Publish News, brings you all the latest news from the booming Brazilian book market, including:

Fábio Lima coordinates the Translation Grants Program of the Brazilian National Library

Translation Grants: How to Publish a Brazilian Author for Free (Almost)
The Brazilian National Library Foundation established a translation grant program in July of this year and the government has committed $35.5 million to the initiative.

Demand Grows for English-Language Books in Brazil
As the Brazilian middle class grows, the demand for English-language books will continue to increase,” says Phil Ollila, Chief Content Officer of Ingram Content Group.

Bernardo Carvalho: Brazil’s Contemporary Joseph Conrad
Journalist, adventurer, curiosity seeker, novelist, Carvalho has produced a mesmerizing canon of literature, one that displays the curiosity of a reporter and captivating storytelling skills.

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