Survey: Have You Ever Read an Enhanced E-Book?

In Discussion by Hannah Johnson

By Hannah Johnson

There’s a considerable amount of buzz about enhanced e-books in the publishing industry. As technology catches up with our expectations and imagination, more kinds of storytelling are possible. The big question is, are readers ready for enhanced e-books? And for that matter, are publishers ready?

In today’s feature story, Michael Bhaskar, Digital Publishing Director for Profile Books UK, looks at the state of e-books and e-book sales in the UK. He believes that enhanced e-books have “caught on in the UK more than elsewhere.” Readers, what do you think?

On December 8, 2010, Publishing Perspectives asked our readers how many of you had read an enhanced e-book. Though the number of people who chose to answer that question was small (just 47 people responded), over half of those surveyed (29, 62%) said they had not read an enhanced e-book. Well, a lot has happened in the last two years. At the time of our survey, the iPad had only been on the market for 8 months and the tablet boom was about to begin. So we would like to ask you again, have you read an enhanced e-book? Take the survey below and please leave comments.

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