Eason Opens Virtual Bookshop in Dublin Rail Station

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By Alex Mutter

Irish book retailer Eason opened a virtual, mobile bookshop at Connolly Station in Dublin on Monday, the Silicon Republic reports.

Cecilia Ahern at Eason's Virtual Bookshop (Image: Irish Independent)

The bookshop’s shelves display images of book covers with QR codes, and customers purchase titles by scanning them with their smartphones. The store features a wide variety of titles from many genres, including mainstream fiction, sports, children’s books and cookbooks. There is also an option for customers to pre-order upcoming titles.

“While the traditional physical store is still very much at the heart of Eason,” explained David Field, Eason’s Head of Marketing and Retail Development, “we recognise the ever-growing need to further develop our online shopping experience and to create a concept that is not only innovative and a first to Irish market but that very much demonstrates that we are a contemporary multi-channel retailer.”

Eason has integrated the virtual shop with Facebook, allowing users to share the titles they’ve purchased and give recommendations to friends.

The virtual shop will be open at Connolly Station until Christmas. After that, Eason plans to take the virtual shop to other locations in Ireland.

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